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Volunteers:  Love and Faith In Action



Happy October dear Unity Family!

Our Volunteer of the Month is the incredible Sandra (Sandy) Hoover! Sandy found UGC via Valerie Hummingbird.  Sandy and her partner Steve moved into the Grass Valley/Nevada City communities about 2 1/2 years ago and wanted to make friends and become part of the community which is how they met Valerie.
Sandy's background is many forms of creativity!  She has an Art Degree and did murals and public art in Sacramento.  Her partner Steve provided art services (canvass prep, framing, etc.) so they're immersed in art!  One of Sandy's art forms has been in landscape for over 20 years.  When she attended Unity in the Gold Country the first time her practiced eye looked around and she thought, "Wow, this place could use a gardener!".  Here's the amazing part of Sandy though...she then showed up and offered her volunteer services to clean up and maintain our church grounds.  Right off the bat she asked if she could help our spiritual community.

She is open, generous and a hard working heart and I am so happy to be honoring her presence here with us.








Getting Involved

Volunteering is a great way to get to know your fellow members of the congregation as well as support your Unity community. Here are some ways to show your support. Click on the Job Title below for a full job description.

Building Monitor

Computer Technology Manager

Family Services Director

Youth Ministry Teacher

Youth Ministry Teacher's Assistant

Youth Ministry Craft Buyer and Event Helper

Altar Designer


Social Hour Hospitality Host

Healthy Sunday Coordinator

Habitat For Humanity Lunch Coordinator

Front Office Support

Helping Hands


Platform Assistant

Facility Grounds Keeper

Lighting Person

PowerPoint Person

Sound Board Person

Sunshine Team

Special Events Volunteer

Facility Safety Team


Bookstore Management Team

Facility Maintenance and Minor Repair Team

Recycling Person

Snow Management Team

Sunday Usher