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Rob Cairns



Modeling Being the Light
I am so pleased to introduce the March 2020 Volunteer of the Month, Rob Cairns!  Rob shares that he has consciously been on his on spiritual journey for as long as I he can remember. He has explored all kinds of spiritual practices, lifestyles, ways of thinking. and consciousness itself.  "When I happened into a Unity Sunday service 7 years ago, I found the essence of all of the wisdom and traditions gathered in one place."  He so appreciates the abundant Love here at UGC, and total support for going deeper and expanding further.  Rob has been an official member of the Unity in the Gold Country for 7 years!
Rob has been an ever-present volunteer in our UGC community and in the greater community of Nevada County representing himself and Unity of the Gold Country! He has been our platform assistant, front greeter, guest speaker, member of the board of trustees, furniture maker, performed building maintenance, and always helps with set-up for special events.  He has provided services at Utah's Place consistently as a Chaplain and serves as a Chaplain in our community directly as well. His service at UGC and at Utah's Place is tremendously appreciated!
Rob states, "Unity participation has given me total transformation! I am not the same person that walked through the doors 7 years ago!"  He really enjoys witnessing that total transformation in others whom he has come to know through this community too. He added, "What I have learned, is that the more I give, the more I get "
We want you to know how much we Love and appreciate you Rob and the fact that your presence and contribution to this UGC community creates transformation in each of us!
Love and Gratitude to you Rob!