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Sharon Ralph and Julie Zumwalt


Modeling Being the Light



Our Volunteers of the Month for November are Julie Zumwalt and Sharon Rolph. They are both UGC Charter Members belonging to our spiritual community for 21 years now! Wow, has time flown by!!!!

Sharon and Julie came to UGC with a longing for a spiritual community which aligned their personal beliefs and faith. When they found UGC, they knew they were at "home."  They had been learning the Unity Universal Principles for years and years and had been students of The Daily Word forever :)

They keep attending and contributing to UGC because belonging to a spiritual community gives them strength and helps keep them connected to a unity consciousness. They love that they keep on learning, reconnecting, and belonging. As Julie stated, “There is no greater experience than having our spiritual community in our "corner," praying for our greatest good and surrounding us with love and light. We can't imagine not having that!”

Sharon has volunteered as the UGC ambassador to Habitat for Humanity for about 15+- years providing a monthly lunch. As a retired registered and public health nurse, she has also helped our community stay healthy by monitoring blood pressures monthly for, well...we can't remember how long! She has also contributed food for the Sunday fellowship after church and volunteered with the yard work. She has probably purchased every book ever studied and participated in every class as well!

Julie helped charter the Mini Kids room and has volunteered in the Youth Ministry for about 20 years, up until Covid. She has volunteered as Platform Assistant for 18+-years and was on the Board of Trustees for 6 years, serving as secretary and vice-president.  Julie worked as Rev. Joe's assistant for a couple of years and still feels so blessed to have been a participant in the very first chaplaincy training and women's group meetings. In the early days of UGC, Julie volunteered and held just about every position including one memorable Sunday when Revs Joe and Jerry were absent and Patricia had food poisoning, so Julie led and held service.  

Unity has enriched and changed their lives beyond measure and beyond words. They have both grown spiritually and as humans. Their lives are led by gratitude because of UGC and they know, no matter what the question, the answer is always love.

Thank you for all you do, Sharon and Julie!