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Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson


Modeling Being the Light

Our September Volunteer of the Month is Richard Anderson.  Richard has been attending Unity in the Gold Country since 2009 and is an official member.  Richard moved to Grass Valley from Santa Rosa where he had been attending a Center for Spiritual Living. Then Love happened! Rick Bushroe, his former husband (who passed away several years ago), introduced him to UGC and his community.


Richard found his spiritual family at UGC.  He enjoys the constant opportunity to grow spiritually, the amazing classes that are offered here, the spiritual insights from Rev Jerry and others, and the support system.  He’s taken numerous classes such as Way of Mastery, Way of Love, Mary Magdalene, Richard Rohr, the Intention group, and several of the 7-week programs.


Richard has done pretty much everything at Unity.  He’s a prayer chaplain, taught a teen program on native American spirituality, did a Sunday service with Rev Jerry, has helped set up for special events, runs the PowerPoint for Sunday services and special events, and is a major help on the landscape team repairing the irrigation system, pruning trees, and removing dead shrubs.


Unity has changed his life by helping him learn how to respond rather than react to situations and by helping him learn to dissolve the grip of ego on his consciousness.


Richard sees UGC as the metaphysical hub of western Nevada county for those exploring the mystical path. 


Thank your Richard for all you do!