Workshop Series with Claire Palmerino
In this workshop series, we will explore the energy centers known as chakras. Chakras comprise a major component of the Human Energy System, are associated with particular glands and organs, and are identified with specific colors, elements, and crystals/gemstones. The chakra system develops and matures according to its own developmental sequence, with each chakra coming into focus throughout childhood and returning as a focus in later years of life. Each chakra serves a psychological and spiritual purpose. Using archetypes to identify chakra patterns, we will use exercises, meditation, and journaling, to explore the state of our own well-being and enter into inner healing work. 
Workshop overview:  2 pm - 4 pm
Sunday, July 21: Brow Chakra, Crown Chakra 
Suggested Donation:
$15 per individual workshop session
Seating is limited.
Pre-registration is requested.  Call or email Claire Palmerino



Healers in Unity Clinics

Second Saturday of each month,  1pm - 4pm

Healers in Unity is a group of volunteer energy/spiritual/alternative healing practitioners who offer their skills and expertise to the community. Clinic attendees can expect to receive a 30-minute session with an experienced practitioner. Calling for an appointment is strongly recommended as the number of sessions available is limited and clinic sessions often completely book up. 

For an appointment, please call Claire Palmerino at (530) 802-5009 (no texts please).

The suggested donation is $10 per session.


The next Energy Healing Community Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, July13, from 1-4. 

 This month's team of volunteer practitioners include:
  • Healing Touch offered by Claire Palmerino, with Cydne Grimsby
  • Reiki offered by Kristie Stevens
  • Reiki offered by Pam Davis
  • Spiritual Counseling offered by Dr. Nanci Shandera

As always, walk-ins are welcome, but because clinics often book up quickly, we strongly recommend calling ahead to make an appointment. To reserve your appointment, call Claire Palmerino at (530) 802-5009.