Healers in Unity Clinics

Second Saturday of each month,  1pm - 4pm

Healers in Unity is a group of volunteer energy/spiritual/alternative healing practitioners who offer their skills and expertise to the community. Clinic attendees can expect to receive a 30-minute session with an experienced practitioner. Calling for an appointment is strongly recommended as the number of sessions available is limited and clinic sessions often completely book up. 

For an appointment, please call Claire Palmerino (530) 802-5009 (no texts please).

The suggested donation is $10 per session.

The next Energy Healing Community Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, DECEMBER 14, from 1-4

 This month's team of volunteer practitioners include:
  • Body Talk offered by Patricia Haller
  • Reiki offered by Kris Stevens
  • Transformational Dreamwork* &/or Soul Contracts* offered by Nanci Shandera
  • Shamanic Healing/Clearing offered by David Kyle
  • Spiritual Readings offered by Ann Marie Jaggi

We are pleased to welcome a new practitioner and new modality to the Energy Healing Community Clinic. David Kyle offers Shamanic Healing/Clearing. He is trained in the Andean healing tradition, having begun his training 10 years ago with the Four Winds Society; he has apprenticed with two Peruvian healers and has worked with Traditional Natives in the U.S. Welcome, David, and thank you for offering your expertise to the clinic clients!

*Transformational Dreamwork: Dreams come to us from a level of consciousness that connects us with our Soul and reveals its guidance and messages. You will be intuitively and compassionately guided to learn how even the most confusing dreams, nightmares, and recurring dreams reveal communication for healing and transformation. Please bring at least one dream that you wish to learn about.

*Soul Agreements: Difficult relationships may originate in a pre-birth agreement between two or more Souls to help each other progress in a human lifetime and ultimately serve the Soul in its evolution. Soul agreements are made with great Love for one another, even and especially when the choices of interaction in a lifetime are difficult, painful, even traumatic. You will learn how to develop new perceptions about the person, and discover how each of you has served the other in our true purpose of bringing Light into life on Earth.

As always, walk-ins are welcome, but because clinics often book up quickly, we strongly recommend calling ahead to make an appointment. To reserve your appointment, call Claire Palmerino (530) 802-5009.