Healers in Unity Clinics

Second Saturday of each month,  1pm - 4pm

Healers in Unity is a group of volunteer energy/spiritual/alternative healing practitioners who offer their skills and expertise to the community. Clinic attendees can expect to receive a 30-minute session with an experienced practitioner. Calling for an appointment is strongly recommended as the number of sessions available is limited and clinic sessions often completely book up. For an appointment, please call Greg Plank at (916) 214-4166 (no texts).

The suggested donation is $10 per session.

Saturday, September 13th, from 1-4


Healers in Unity offer their next Energy Therapy Community Clinic on Saturday, September 8th, from 1-4 at the Unity in the Gold Country Community Clinic. 

Four healing modalities will be featured:  
  1. Healing Touch provided by Claire Palmerino and other Healing Touch providers. Healing Touch is a gentle energy therapy that balances the chakra system, relaxes the body, promotes feelings of peace, and reduces pain. Claire Palmerino is a certified Healing Touch practitioner.
  2. Body Talk provided by Patricia Haller, Body Talk PractitonerThrough the use of muscle testing, the Body Talk practitioner communicates with the body to identify out of balance systems and to connect, balance and clear body, mind and spirit.
  3. Bowen Therapy provided by Greg Plank. Greg has practiced since 2005. He is also a Certified Massage Therapist and a Reiki 3 Master. 
  4. Spiritual Readings provided by Ann Marie, a spiritual counselor with years of experience giving readings. Her sensitive readings are informative and enlightening.

The Energy Therapy Community Clinic offers 12-15 sessions which often completely book in advance. To reserve a specific time and modality, call Claire Palmerino at (530) 802-5009 (no texts please). Walk-ins are welcome but an open slot cannot be guaranteed.