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March 19

So life as we know it has changed. In some respects maybe it will never return to where it was. And that might not be all bad. It seems like Mother Nature has been trying to get our attention to make some changes in our lifestyles to help the planet. We haven't really taken the hint up to now. So, maybe she stepped in and kicked out butts...hard, to get our attention. Overnight the carbon footprint is way down worldwide with less air and passenger travel. Pollution is clearing up in Chnia and other places due to fall off in factory emmisions. And the pace of life is now different and slower for most of us. Maybe we will reconnect with our souls because of this crisis. That would be a good thing.

Perhaps we would also rediscover our humanity and compassion for all people, especially the homeless, the immigrant, the sick and hungry, Maybe the outcome of all of this will be a reduction in the great disparity between the haves and haves-not; between rich and poor nations; proper health insurance for all; and an end to the hatred and racism that has raised its ugly head. As I said in my talk last Sunday, Teilhard de Chardin spoke of the noosphere around the planet that is like a collective consciousness for all the people. If that is sick then it gets reflected in nature. Maybe that is what is happening. Nature is fighting back and showing us how sick our thinking and feeling has become.This is the wake up call that we have been needing to change course. Let's heed it and cleanse our hearts and minds so that humanity will survive in a way that is more edifying.


Rev. JerryIn love and service of you all.

Valentine's Day 2020

Happy Valentine's day. I keep forgetting about my blog. At any rate I am amazed at the response that I got to the Enneagram class. This is something I first learned in 1990 in Hawaii. I find it really interesting that thirty years later is so popular, but I am not totally surprised either because it is such a great tool. I had expected maybe 20 people to sign up, instead over 70 people have atttended so far. What I love is that people feel like this tool gives them such great insight into themeselves, their spouses, the children, their parents and friends. One woman said to me that she never could figure out her Mom until this class. Another discovered that her daugher is a Type 4 and that she was approaching her in totally the wrong way. Another person told me that he understood for the first time why a possible relationship failed and he came to realize it wasn't his fault, it was just an incompatibility of types. One woman told me she wished she had this information many years ago as it might have saved her marriage. 

All of this so heart warming to me. I have wanted to provide spiritual material that is interactive and integral to people's lives. The Enneagram has so many facets to it and is a wonderful path to growth and evolution. Some people are afraid that it will typecast them, but in reality it is liberating and offers new freedom and flexibility. We discover that we have many influences and options for how we want to be. We may also discover that our original perspective was flawed, that we didn't need to make the habitual response that we decided on based on that flawed perspective. We can even come to realize that we can make a new and better choice. Very inkeeping with New Thought philosophy. As we celebrate another Valentine's day let us be grateful for the many different ways in which we all show up. Let us appreciate our own unique individuality as a loved and loving expression of God.

Much love to you all.

Rev. Jerry


December 5th

I finally remembered to add something to my blog. I guess being on sabbatical caused me to totally forget about it. Here we are in Advent once again. My favorite season of the liturgical year. I used to love the services we held in seminary on those dark evenings, when we would put out extra candles to create a more meditative space in the sanctuary. I really get the need to go within (hibernate) in the dark depths of our souls, in order to connect with the light that is within us. Quite the paradox I know. But once you discover the Light within you have found your real treasure. You can't not see things clearly now. Perhaps it is my Celtic roots showing at this time of year around Solstice time. Maybe I am predisposed genetically, but I always look forward to playing my favorite spiritual and Celtic music at this time of year, to get me into the mood of contemplation and going deep into the silence and the Light within me. I hope you take the time to do so also this year. Remember 2020 is just around the corner and 20 20 represents perfect sight. We need it right now for ourselves and our world. Take the time out to connect within to make sure you are seeing things aright.

Enjoy the season and holidays.

Rev. Jerry


May 30th 

It's beginning to look a lot like Sabbatical time! Tomorrow being June 1 makes it all suddenly very real. It is interesting to note my own reactions as time goes by. Initially I was thrilled to get the time off. Then I went through an anxiety about what am I going to do for 90 days. I must do something important and meaningful with my time to justify being off for that length of time. Like 14 years of dedicated service isn't enough already! Then I began to relax into a more trusting approach to what could transpire if I let Spirit prompt me and see what providence had to offer. Naturally it all fell into place then.

I leave for Kansas City on June 16 to go to the Unity Convention. I am having brunch with Rev. Paul Smith on Monday 17th. I am excited to meet him in person so as to thank him for writing Integral Christianity and Is Your God Big Enough, Close Enough, You Enough? He is really a mystic and a powerful spiritual person and I know my encounter with him will be inspirational and healing for me. My sabbatical begins officially on the evening of June 21st when I fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I lived in the Land of Enchantment the second year after I came to the States. So I will be visiting the monastery I lived at in Jemez Springs. On Sunday morning June 23rd I will meet with Flor De Mayo, one of the 13 grandmothers, who I had a very powerful experience with in a workshop at the Parliament of World Religions. This will be a one on one meeting. On Monday June 24th I am meeting Fr. Richard Rohr at his Center in Albuquerque. Then I go to Christ in the Desert Monastery for a few days out in the middle of nowhere. On the way I hope to stop in Abiqui and visit the Shanti Christo lands and vortex that are associated with The Way of Mastery. After that I head to Sedona to meet up with Bear and Jaap, who did a presentation here at UGC last year. They have promised me a non-touristy tour of the real vortices, which sounds really exiciting. On the way there I might stop off at the Grand Canyon. Then I head home in time for the 4th of July to Grass Valley to enjoy the river and other local relaxation spots for a while. This will end the first stage of my sabbatical time.

I will keep you informed of the next part in a few weeks. In gratitude for this great gift.

Rev. Jerry

Easter Sunday

I love Eastertime. It brings back fond memories of my childhood and of going to Church during Holy Week. I loved the ritual and the story of Jesus. It always moved me so. And then there was the triumph of Easter Sunday morning, not to mention all the big Cadbury Easter eggs. The fasting from chocolate for Lent was over and we could splurge again. There was the Easter lamb dinner with my family. I guess as a child I envisioned that the world was going to be transformed in my lifetime by the Easter message.  I felt like the Kingdom of God would be finally here in my older years. Well here I am and I'm still waiting for the Kingdom, and right now, it looks a long way off, at least in general terms. But you know, individually and personally that shouldn't hold me back or stop me from embodying the Easter message. So, best to ignore the world out there and concentrate on my own inner vision and then I will know that 'all is well' despite appearances. I hope you feel the same.

Rev. Jerry

Happy Valentine's Day
This morning in the The Union newspaper there was an article written by a student from Forrest Charter School outlinging all the different types of love there are. It was quite thorough and it included agape. This is the type of love that is spoken of in the Gospels and New Testament writings. It was a type of love introduced in the teachings of of Jesus that was unlike any prior. It was a selfless love that that was willing to lay down its life if necessary for the other, and not just for some special other. It could be a total stranger. Perhaps this is why agape wasn't so popular down through the centuries or even currently. It was seen as too demanding and the ego wasn't willing to go along with its demands.
Each year on Valentine's day we celebrate romantic love, and that is all good and well. But it is very much based on the concept of a special relationship, which is limiting. What the world needs now is love, not romantic love but agape. A love that is willing to give of itself in service to others. So don't feel badly if you don't have a special relationship right now. There is a much higher calling and perhaps that is why romantic love doesn't always work out - it isn't challenging enough. It is limited in its scope. When we turn our attention to agape we find it much more fulfilling and selfless. Happy agape day!

Rev. Jerry


End of Year Thoughts

So here we are again, at the close of one year and the beginning of a new one. I have been doing some catch up reading this week and I picked up Is Your God Big Enough, Close Enough, You Enough by Paul Smith, where we stopped at the end of our 7 week program. I find it hard to believe almost but the book gets even better. He discusses how real transformation takes place in people's relationship with God and in their lives. He notes that in the East particularly, but also in early Christianity, there is a powerful transmission of energy that comes from a guru or from Jesus that causes people to awaken. He bemoans the fact that it seems to be a first century phenomenon and that it is rarely seen today. He then explores why not.

As I think about the New Year just beginning I know that I want and intend that transformation to take place in my life this year. I have been granted a sabbatical by the Board and I am looking to use it to have transformational experiences, if at all possible. This is my intention for 2019 and I ask you to hold it for me. I will hold it for you also, that the presence and power of the One Spirit will have it's way with us like never before. Are you interested? Maybe we can support each other with occasional meetings or a focus group. If this resonates then come talk with me about it. 

Happy transformational New Year.

Rev. Jerry


Parliament of World Religions 
I've had some amazing experiences in my life, and I have to say going to the Parliament of World Religions is up there with the best of them. I am so blessed in so many ways, and so grateful for this experience. It was recently held in Toronto from November 1-7. Imagine being the middle of 10,000 people from all over the world, of every nation, language, ethnic group, nationality, faith, denomination, culture and heritage. It was like a mini United Nations, or the Olympics without the competition part of it. It was a sea of humanity and of color, with so many wearing their native dress.
What was most memorable for me was the vitality and sense of hope that pervaded the whole gathering. People were warm, kind and thoughtful; opening doors for each other, smiling warmly and engaging in friendly conversation at the drop of headgear, prayer beads or rosaries. In additions to presentations, panels, workshops there were musical groups, prayer services from various traditions, plays, visual arts and exhibits. I came away so hopeful that there is a strong tide or current of faithfilled and hopeful people, who are spreading their love and optimism in the sea of humanity. Sometimes we can seem so small in Unity, but in a gathering such as the Parliament, you come to see very quickly how many like-minded people there are in the world who resonate with the Universal Spiritual Principles that Unity teaches. Courage!

Rev. Jerry 


October 25th

This time of year just seems to fly by. I am going to be going to Toronto next week to attend The Parliament of World Religions in Toronto, Canada. Not really excited about the plane ride and travel time involved in the journey, but I am totally excited to attend the event itself which will run for a week. Over 10,000 people will come from all over the world representing a spectrum of faiths, traditions, beliefs and cultures. The Sikh community feeds luch to all attendees each day in an extraordinary act of service.   I am looking forward to the diversity above all else. There is a group of people from Nevada County going so that will be fun to know some fellow travellers.

There are various tracts or series of presentations on different topics e.g. women's issues, diversity, social justice etc.. As well as incredible speakers from the various traditions there will be music, song and dance, as well as many exhibits. I have a feeling the challenge will be to go to everything that I would like to experience. I know that it will be an enriching and expanding week during which I will be nourished by humanity. I will share what I can when I get back. You will all be in my heart while I am there. I am so blessed to have these incredible expereince of the One showing up in the diversity of the many.

Rev. Jerry


October 9th,
Time just seems to be going so fast. I always joke that when we start the 7 week program I say "Happy New Year' because before we know it, it will be the New Year. I picked the book "Is Your God Big Enough, Close Enough, You Enough" by Paul Smith for our 7 week Fall study. I deliberated back and forth for sometime before finally picking it. It isn't our usual style of book - for one thing it is a lot longer. But I decided that we would read part of the book now and part in the New Year. And I am so glad that I did overcome any apprehensions.
The feedback that I am getting is exactly what I had hoped for. People are finding it really engaging and healing. We all have our baggage around images of God and it great to have a book that helps us unpack some of those the issues. I come away from our group conversations with more questions and ideas banging around in my head. It is wonderful to see what else people are unpacking as they read the book, things that I hadn't thought about. It is so exciting and brings such joy to my heart to know that hearts are healing, minds are expanding and that people are already feeling a deeper connection to God. That makes my heart sing.

Rev. Jerry

August 30th
I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by. Last weekend I went to see the movie BlackKlansman. It made me realize that I live in a very naive and innocent bubble in my head. I was so taken aback by the horrific racist words coming out of the White Supremist characters. It was just so foreign to me and it is hard to believe that so called Christians could think and speak in that way. Today I received an email from a friend directing me to a site that she felt I ought to take a look at and be cognizant of at https://natall.com/
t seemed harmless enough initially and then I started to read further. Wow! Again, my mind was blown.
You think that this sort of attitude is confined to the past until you look at a website like this. It boggles my mind how anyone in the twenty first century can believe such drivel. And it points how vigilance is needed in order to stamp out the rise of this type of hatred and racism. It is like there are still embers glowing in the dark waiting to be reignited to reverse all the progress we have made. Sometimes it can seem like Unity is not such a significant spiritual path until you come across a website like the one listed above full of hatred and racist views. Then you realize how important and central Unity's teaching is and how badly needed it is to put out those embers that are just waiting to be enflamed. Courage! Stay strong!

Rev. Jerry

July 18th
So, the hot weather finally kicked in. The heat can be quite draining on one's energy. It is important to have a plan on how to manage it. Taking day trips up to higher elevations is one of my favorite escapes from the heat. Donner lake or Truckee is several degrees cooler for instance. Which got me to thinking about the strife and turmoil in our political life and the heat of all that. What is your plan to survice and even thrive though all that? Likewise it is important to have a plan on how to beat that heat. For me it comes back to having a daily spiritual practice with quiet time, room for meditation, reading a good spiritual book, or watching an inspirational Youtube or talk from one of my favorite people like Matt Kahn or Mooji. 

I bring this up because I had a conversation with someone this past week and they speculated as how long this political turmoil might go on for. Which made me think about how would people keep their sanity if it went on for a lot longer than was anticipated. What if this was the new normal? My talk on Sunday had an answer and it revolves around 3 c's. They are compassion, connection and community. We need to have lots of compassion with ourselves and others more than ever. We also need to have a strong connection to the Divine energy each day. And we need the community of like-minded people to help each other not just survive and thrive. I being this up because I think it is a good question to ask yourself: how would I survive and thrive in an ongoing difficult social crisis? Food for thought. All part of doing my job.

Rev. Jerry

June 21st.

Happy summer solstice. I just got back from the People's Unity Convention which was held in Olathe near Unity Village, Missouri. If you've never been to Unity Village then put it on your bucket list. It is a remarkably wonderful place to spend a couple of days on retreat, with an amazing hotel facility and wonderful grounds. Perhaps late Spring and Fall would be a good time to visit to avoid the heat and humidity of summer or the freezing cold of wintertime. The theme for the week was "Imagine Unity in 2030". We had wonderful presenters who took us through a process of how things might need to change in order for us to thrive as an organization in the next decade.
They say the more things change the more they stay the same. That seems to be one underlying message that was presented and by that I mean the need for human face to face interaction and connection. This can be our strong suit by providing small groups for people to connect in what is becoming a virtual world for so many. And already there are signs that people are migrating away from social media. Virtual connections and communites don't satisfy the soul. If we think about it we could all just stay home and watch YouTubes, listen to inspiring talks and music videos, but something is still missing. We need flesh on our spiritual connections. And life in America is providing us with an impetus to bring compassion back into all our relationships. I believe that we are on the cusp of a spiritual renewal based on loving spiritual communities being a focal point for deep heart-centered connections. My hope is that you feel the same and will join us here to become a center of loving hearts right nere in Nevada County. I'm going to do all in my power to provide the space and the opportunites for us to do so.
"The world is a spiritual democracy, you vote with your life." - The Dali Lama

Rev Jerry

May 16th.
We are living in very turbulent and confusing times. Those who are receiving updates from the other side are saying that the confusion is deliberate and part of the process of how humanity is going to awaken. Matt Kahn once said 'don't look to the world for signs of what is going to happen spiritually, rather look within to your own heart'. The change that you see there, the anchoring in love that is taking place is the only indication of what is about to happen to the world. See the change and realize that it is predictive of humanity's future.
Recently we had a guest here from Argentina, Sebastian Blaksley, who set up a foundation to promote A Course in Love, spoke to this same idea. He said that the unreliability of government and religious leadership has led to people being confused. However, this confusion will lead them to seek out the authority of their own hearts. Once they do that they will discover their ability to love and that is what will lead to the next era of advanced spirituality on the planet. May it be so. I hope that these words bring comfort and direction in these troubling times.

Rev. Jerry

April 26th

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As we look at the world we see that many things seem to be cyclical. Back in the 60's people were marching and clamoring for equality and for civil rights. As we look at our news programs on tv we see once again people are marching once again for justice and peace. It seems incredulous that we are still having to march for the same rights. It is hard to believe that people don't want everyone to enjoy the same rights that they want for themselves.
Recently we have seen the women march for an end to sexual abuse and misogyny; the hightschool students are marching for safe schools and reasonable hun laws; black people are marching for an end to the killing of black men by police authorities; and people in general are taking to the streets once again for general civil rights. This Sunday there is a march in downtown Grass Valley for Peace and Justice. Seems like deja vu you might say but it isn't. Unless we turn our faith into action we will become irrelevant. Time to get those marching boots on!

Rev. Jerry

April 5th

Happy Easter! I was just reading something by Fr. Richard Rohr, my favorite RC priest, about the post-resurrection times. He made a great point that had never come to my notice before. Namely that the trajectory of the spiritual path has normally been ignorance, enlightenment and ascension. But in the case of Jesus he came back into the body and hung around for a while (traditionally 40 days). And then he sent his Spirit back into the world on the 50th day of Pentecost. It would seem that the Divine is so attached to its creation that it doesn't want to leave it alone. 
We mostly want to be done with this world and move onto the next; we want to discard our physical bodies and ascend into our spiritual bodies. Yet, the Divine keeps infusing its physical body of cretion with more presence through the Holy Spirit. It wants to embed, incarnate and embody. There is a lesson there for us about being willing to be fully present in the experience of our creation and our lives. The Way of Mastery makes it clear we cannot transcend until we have fully embraced or accepted something or someone. Until then we are only running away from and not toward. Whenever there is a challenge, a problem or a difficulty in the world the Spirit of God is heading to dive into it and not away from it. That's the Spirit of Resurrection that we are being called to in our times. Obviously the temporary egoic self doesn't want us to do that as it is all about self preservation. So, we must open ourselves to receive the Spirit in order to have that type of courage that will see us running toward and not away from.

Rev. Jerry

March 7th,

It is interesting to watch the whole political stage right now from the perspective of duality or non-duality. The political system in this country is based on a two party choice which clearly has its drawbacks. I grew up in Ireland where we also had two parties based on either sides of a Civil War in 1922. It wasn't until the 80's when we finally got a third party to challenge both of the traditional parties and a coalition was required to form a government, that we had real political change that was in favor of the people. Dualism isn't helpful and it only leads to a lot of negativity in life.
The real challenge that seems to come up for discussion a lot in our classes is how to get past duality when dealing with politics and politicians. This conudrum takes us to the heart of our spiritual teaching. When we see a politician are we looking with dualistic eyes or seeing through our spiritual eye? Who are we really seeing or looking at? The false self of the persona or the true Self of the Christ? Isn't that what it always comes down to? In every encounter, whether we label it good or bad, we seek to be able to say "Namaste." The person may not be behaving in a way that extends their Christ Self, and we don't have to like how they are behaving or their persona, but we must still see and love their Christedness. No one said it was going to be easy!!

Rev. Jerry

February 8th

I am currently doing a series of talks utilizing the framework of Ken Wilber's understanding of divinity. His work speaks of the three Faces of God. Simply it means that there are three aspects to God, Infinite, Intimate and Inner. More traditionally labeled The Trinity, of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Wilber says that the first face is when we reflect about God; the second face is when we relate to God; and the third face is when we rest as God. Traditional religion has focused on the first face quite a bit. This often left people feeling that God was a distant being and didn't give a very satisfying sense of relationship with God. In reaction some religions or Churches have abandoned the first face and focused on the second, as in developing a relationship with Jesus. Other have focused on the third and made life in the Spirit their main focus. 
In truth we can say that we need all three faces in order to feel a fullness in our relatinship with God. We need to relate to the Infinite God and have a sense of awe and adoration of its magnificence. Likewise we require a second face Intimate God with skin on in order to feel loved and appreciated. And we need the inner sense of connectiveness of the Inner God in order to know that we are this Infinite Intimate being at one and the same time. It feels like we are evolving a much fuller relationship with the Divine right now which offers us all three faces, which is so much more satisfying to our souls.

Rev. Jerry



January 12th
Last Sunday I started out our service with a reflection that was very well received and several people asked if I could post it somewhere. So here it is.
In a few days we will welcome a New year and I'm not taking anything with me into 2018. If you owe me, don't worry about it. If you wronged me, I'm over it. If you're fighting with me, you won. If we aren't speaking, that's ok too. Be safe and I still wish you well. If you're talking about me, thanks for the advertisement. If you don't deal with me, continue not to. If you don't like me, I don't care. What you think of me is none of my business. If you feel I wronged you, I apologize. In all things I forgive you. Life is too short for all the extra unnecessary drama; no one is promised tomorrow. I'm not bitter, I'm better. I don't hate you, I simply love me more. Words to live by all year long! Rev. Jerry


*********************************************************** December 7th, We are well into our season of Advent and on our way to Christmas. But what is that way and what is the destination really. I am reminded of what Wayne Dyer once said, 'there is a spiritual solution to every problem or question". What is that solution you might well ask? The answer is love of course. We can't get there from here except with love. There is really nothing new being said or celebrated at Christmas that isn't said or can't be celebrated at any other time of the year. The Way of Mastery tells us "that only love is real". That is a truth that is true always in season or out, ordinary time or Christmas time. The challenge is for us to remember and love it in our actions. There are many challenges that we experience right now both in our country and around the world that put us to the pin of our collar to not react in an unloving way. It is hard to love the sexual predator when our first inclination is revulsion or worse. But there are no exceptions as it is a spiritual law and that is always in play whether we agree or not. These holiday seasons are just reminders to us of that fact and that we are always looking to the love solution. May it stick to us like glue! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...all for love and love for all. November 16th The end of the year just seems to fly by. About this time I find myself judging the year's events. Was it a good year or a bad year? Reminds me a bit of the Evil Queen in Snow White asking "mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all." We are looking outward at a reflection or projection or image and we then try to relate it to our inner selves. So is all this turmoil indicative of my inner state of being, or is there a different way to understand it? There are different paradigms on how to see this. What if the more important thing for me to do is look and see where consciousness has led me this past year? What if my spiritual growth and the insights that I have gained are really more indicative of what is going on with 'the world'? Yes, maybe the world looks crazier than ever, scarier than ever, going to hell in a hand-basket. But am I more aware of my authentic Self and is Spirit rising within me the more the world spirals downward? Perhaps that is a lot more indicative of what is really going on and it a more hopeful and faithful way of interpreting the signs of the times. Food for thought as we enter the holiday season once again. Rev. Jerry

October 5th
Another week of mayhem, divisiveness and emotional turmoil. I have to say this past week brought me to my knees...which is a good thing because it opened my heart once again in a much more compassionate way. I felt the pain of the world more deeply and my consciousness expanded accordingly. We all want expanded consciousness but we don't want to pay the price of feeling pain necessarily. During the Way of Mastery the other night we read that we are called to be fully in our persona, experiencing all that it perceives, and we are called to be fully in our Christ mind at the same time. 
What does that look like? Let's use the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. To be fully in our persona means that we feel the outrage, the pain, the anger, the sadness, and the fear that such events arouse in us. We allow ourselves to ask why and to feel no satisfactory answer. While at the same time knowing that no one died, in fact 58 people came to know their true divine nature fully. What if these 58 souls came to earth with the main purpose being to die in this incident so that an awakening might take place in this country? Who are we to call it a tragedy in that case? What if the shooter came to play a major role in society turning a corner in attitudes towards gun control? What if that was his life purpose and who are we to judge him? We don't know the full story do we? And if it doesn't seem alright then it isn't the end, as Sonny told us in the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. We need to be patient and wait to see the end! Not always easy. The Christ mind sees things very differently than our human way of thinking.

Rev. Jerry

August 10th, 2017

The Summer of Love 50th anniversary has been fun to celebrate. But it has been a good time to reflect upon what the whole hippie movement meant for the evolution of spirituality. It was a crazy time back then with good intentions and desires. Somehow it got off track with human nature getting the better of their highest aspirations. Many people were simply chewed up in the process and some sacrificed their lives to drugs. For those who survived some found the relationship with God that they craved but not in the way they had expected. For many it came later with recovery and twelve step programs.
The 60's brought us the influence of Eastern thought, yoga and meditation as exemplified in the story of the Beatles. It led to a lasting change in religion and spirituality in the West. Self realization became a goal for many and religion was taken out of the cloisters and ashrams. Social action became a hallmark of the truly enlightened. We have much to grateful for as we think of all those beatniks and hippies as they blazed a trail that required a lot of courage. We stand on their shoulders for sure in our spiritual searching and finding today. And of course the legacy of the great music from those days will always be with us and the way it influenced subsequent music to come. They were the original pioneers of modern day spirituality and we owe them a debt of gratitude. That is why I thought that it was so important to take time to celebrate them, the music and reflect on the gift they gave us all. Check out the two Summer of Love services in the Archive file for July 23rd and August 13th. Namaste!

Rev. Jerry

June 28

I had the pleasure of attending the Unity People's Convention in San Antonio on June 12-17. First of all, thank you for making it possible for me to be there. It was without a doubt the best Unity convention I've been to. The energy and enthusiasm of everyone was really high, which was great to see after some recent contentious meetings in recent years. It felt like we had finally come out the other end of a difficult period in our history. I felt like the focus of the gathering was very much in line with what has been happening here at UGC. I've been following my own internal guidance from Spirit and it felt like the convention was a rubber stamping of all that we have been doing here.

Interestingly enough the Board and I had been talking about having more upbeat music and chant at our services. One of the first prayer sessions at the convention was perfectly aligned with that. San Antonio and Austin's Unity centers have incredible music teams and we were inspired and blown away by the music they offered to us. A main theme of the convention was social action with one of the best key note talks I've ever heard given by a Catholic priest named Fr. Gregory Boyle, head of Homeboy Industries in L.A.. Additionally Shariff Abdullah gave an amazing talk on how to use a shadow work process to being about peace and social change. Finally, Rev. Paul Smith spoke of the place of the Trinity and of devotion in our spiritual lives. That reflected the series that we have been doing here on the Trinity and on the place of Jesus in Metaphysical Christianity. 

I came really excited and renewed in my belief that Unity has so much to offer our world and all those looking for a spiritual path that helps to build a world that works for all.

Rev. Jerry

June 6th,

30 years ago today I was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest. It was the feast of Pentecost which celebrates the Holy Spirit. I had a special connection to the Holy Spirit which is why I chose that date to be ordained. I look back over those 30 years of ministry and service and I feel a deep gratitude. I was so blessed and fortunate to be called to ministry. It has enriched my life so much and brought me much growth. I could engage in 'if I only knew then what I know now" but that would be pointless. Spirit guides us to expand and evolve with each stage of transformation and you can't get there from here without growing pains. I could describe my journey in ministry as one of increasing honesty and integrity. 

Who I am today is in no small part because of all those I've met along the way; those I have ministered to and those who ministered to me by calling me to become a better person and minister. I have a wall hanging in my office with an e.e. cumming quote on it which reads,
"it takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are." I love that quote, firstly because it is true, but also because it speaks to my life experience. I struggled to be who I knew myself to really be but I got there eventually, painfully. And yet, the truth of that quote is still true for all of us as we endeavor to be the Divine that we know ourselves to be, but are frightened to become. The word courage comes from the French word for the heart -coeur. Yes, indeed when we are in our hearts all things are possible and fear melts away. 

Courage - take heart!

Rev. Jerry

April 27th
We certainly live in interesting times. "The world" seems to be lurching from one near disaster and chaos to another. The most recent one being the nuclear stand off with North Korea. And yet I noticed that while I read the headline I don't give it one more thought. I imagine that is not the case for many. So I wondered where my serenity was coming from at times like this. Perhaps some of it is a gullible naivety that we've been to the bring before but no one was stupid enough to go further. That might be partly reflective of what I was feeling but I think it actually goes much deeper. I think that I have an abiding trust that the Divine will not let us destroy the planet.
I could be wrong of course and in 1945 perhaps people felt the same way, that there would be Divine intervention to stop any catastrophy from happening. We do have free will after all. It would be nice to think that we have evolved since then to realize that the nuclear option is not a good one for the planet. What are we to do? In our lives we can stop using the nuclear option - whatever that may be for us. And we can certainly pray for our leaders. There is always that. And we can pray for peace. 

Rev. Jerry

April 6th
This past week I had the pleasure of walking on the Buttermilk trail on Sunday, and going to Table Mountain with some friends. After our wet and wild winter everything is blooming and waterfalls are abundant. Nature is putting on a great show right now. Viewing all the wildflowers and their magnificant color on a warm spring day was just delightful. After so many dreary days it was nice to just feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. As I walked about I felt one with nature in a way that I haven't in some time. I sat by a waterfall and listened to the water pouring onto some rock. I sat on the grass and looked with focus at the petals on a flower. I made a real effort to take it all in at the macro and micro level.
Doing that brought me into the awareness of my connection with the lifeforce within nature. I became conscious and aware that I was this greening and budding that I could see all around me. The same life that I feel I am is what is causing the greening and the budding. I felt one with Spring. It was a very St. Francis-like experience. Having felt somewhat reclusive after the winter's wind and the rain it was nice to want to reconnect with nature and to identify with it again. I encourage everyone to get out there and reconnect with Spring in the coming weeks. It is a felt experience of this thing that we call Resurrection. Allow it to bring joy back to your spirit and shout out an alleluia if you like.

Rev. Jerry

March 8th

In honor of International Women's Day - A Sacred Apology

The Intention of the "Sacred Apology" is to awaken "Universal Healing". It is understood that it may not apply to all Men and Women.
However, in Honor of the "Oneness of Being", please hold space to "Support" the Healing Process.

I have found great Joy on the occasions when I have been your Champion and Supporter.
In order to Support and Champion you fully, I now take responsibility for the times when I dishonored you. I am so sorry.
I Apologize for every time that I crossed your boundary, dishonored you , was inappropriate, hurt you in any way,
consciously or unconsciously.
I Apologize for every Father, Grand-Father and Uncle! I Apologize for every Brother, Cousin and Son!
I Apologize for every Husband, Boy-Friend, Friend and Stranger! 
I Love you so much and appreciate you with the Passion of Heaven. You have greatly helped and empowered me.
Without you my growth would be nonexistent. I Honor you as the Portal that has given Birth to the Entire Universe.
Man and Woman are One in Being. The opposite gender represents the part of Self that is invisible to physical sight.
Likewise, Heaven and all the Great Mysteries are invisible to physical sight. The opposite Gender-Self is an access code to
Heaven and all the Great Mysteries. It is the way back Home. Let Self no longer fight with Self.
From this time forward, I Promise to treat you with the Highest Integrity!
I Wish You "Boundless Joy" and "Un-stop able Ecstasy!" Our Greatest Love is the bond we share!
With Compassion dripping from Heaven, 
Written by Astarius Miraculii (On behalf of All Men)

And finally, on behalf of all religions, ministers and gurus I say sorry to all women who have been abused by us in any way.

Rev Jerry

February 16th, 2017.

Here is a very pertinent updated rendition of The Beatitudes from Matthew Chapter 5. Click on the link.


Words to ponder.

Rev. Jerry


January 19th, 2017 I guess the first thing is to say Happy New Year. Hard to believe that it will be a month since Christmas this coming Sunday. The inauguration of the new President is tomorrow and people are still unsure of what to expect. But isn't that life. In terms of our day to day life we don't necessarily know what will be asked of us. When we look at our twofold nature we see that there is a constant and a variable, mirroring our spiritual and human natures. Sometimes life can be like a vortex and the variable can be frightening, seemingly spinning too fast. At other times life is plain sailing and we sense the constant of our soul.

As we venture into the next four years I am sure it is going to be an interesting ride, perhaps quite rocky at times. But one thing is for sure. We need to be constantly in touch with the constancy of our soul. It is the only game plan to have. Life is going to do what it is going to do, for good or bad, and we are going to have to see through it with a singleness of vision. Who is in charge? How many powers are there? Are we safe and secure beyond our human needs? We get to answer those questions in a new way for ourselves in these next four years. Whatever may come it will be grist for the mill of our spiritual practice. Who knows maybe we will even become masters during that time!

Rev. Jerry

December 20 2016

Happy solstice! I guess it is my Celtic genes that are kicking in. They worshipped the sun and their religious calendar was a solar based one with one of its most important days being the winter solstice. They celebrated the day with the shortest amount of light to hearald the return of the light and warmer days guaranteeing survival. Last week when some volunteers were decorating the sanctuary (thank you for the beautiful finished product btw) I got into a discussion with someone who didn't have the religious upbringing relating to Advent and Christmas seasons. This prompted me to write this blog article.
The Celtic and pagan calendars all had one of their highest holydays at the winter solstice. Christianity hijacked that date by celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 25th. In reality we don't know when Jesus was born but most likely in the Springtime if the birth account is to be taken literally with the shepherds and lambs present. It may be purely symbolic making the point that Jesus was for all people even the lowly shepherds (country bumpkins). As the Church formalized it developed a liturgical or religious services calendar that included several seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary time. Advent was the beginning of the new liturgical year, and it consisted of a four week period including the four Sundays of Advent, which were meant to be a time of preparation before celebrating the birth of Jesus. Four themes were celebrated on those Sundays, faith/hope, peace, joy and love. The third Sunday was always focused on joy and took its name - Gaudete Sunday- from the Latin for joy. The usual color used for the altar and vestments was either purple or blue, and pink for Gaudete Sunday. Some of us loved the chance to wear pink more than others! Indeed some hated to wear it. Advent, was like Lent in that it was a lead up to the main event and a retreat time.
As I mentioned, Christmas is a season not just a day, and hence we have the famous twelve days of Christmas, from December 25 to January 6th. The latter was the feast of the Epiphany celebrating the arrival of the Kings who symbolized the gentile, non-Jewish world. Whatever Jesus was about it was universal and for all people. In Eastern Europe Christmas is actually celebrated on January 6th because they identified themselves as the gentile world.
So what is Advent preparing for? In New Thought and Unity we say it isn't about preparing for Jesus' birth but is about preparing for us to become the Christ. We light an Advent candle each of the four Sundays to symbolize that we are in the process of becoming another Christ and extending the light that we already are. All around the world this time of the year is full of light festivities whether Hanukkah or Diwali or Winter Solstice. May we realize that we are the Light of the world as Jesus told us so long ago. Maybe it's time we started believing it and being it!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Rev. Jerry


November 17 2016

Well it seems that we live in very interesting times. What happened recently can be seen to be revelation. Everything is being uncovered in our consciousness and it it right out there for us to see in plain sight. It isn't a pretty sight. In fact it is quite shocking - the anger, the hate, the divisiveness and the confusion. The collective unconscious is spilling out our mouths and is emboldened to act even if it is ugly. It seems that all filters are removed. So perhaps we are in a time of honesty and an end to the old paradigm of illusion. That can be a good thing.

But how do we proceed from here. It would seem like an ideal time to discard old beliefs that aren't working anymore. More than anything it is a time for self-reflection, being willing to see how we deluded ourselves through our long held beliefs and perspectives. Listening in the silence, a standard Unity practice, might serve us well. Paying attention to our own reactions to what is going on in the 'world' might be a place to start. When we have listened deeply to our own minds and hearts perhaps the next step is listening to others. Especially to those who we perceive as being ideologically opposed to us, in order to find common ground. Because we have to move forward together. It is clear that there is a lot of anger to go round. But beneath anger is always fear. Our fears can be a focal point for us to begin conversations because we all have the same shared fears. Fears of losing our jobs; fears of being homeless; fears of financial ruin; fears of losing our health and independence; and of course the underlying fear of death. Maybe, that is what is really at the core of our American experience right now. We know that facing our fear of death is most un-American.

The election wasn't so much about the candidates as it was about who we are and who we want to become. It is about our values, who and what we value. As Matt Kahn says, "The more peacefully we act, the more positive the change will be. You don't have to hate in order to disagree, but it is essential to disagree with the very respect, honor, humility and unity that seems absent from the beliefs, ideologies, platforms and policies you wish to unreveal." In Unity we have a long tradition of what is called keeping the high watch. It means very simply remembering you we really are, and who everyone else really is - the Divine in human form. Can I get a Namaste all around?
Rev Jerry



September 1, 2016

Do you know that you are 100% good deep down to your bones? Probably few of us can answer that question in the full affirmative. Many might say we know it to be mostly true. Some might not be able to answer it in the affirmative at all. I hope that is not the case but maybe that is why you come to Unity. Because the beauty of the Unity teaching is that it unequivocably assures each one of us, in the second Unity Principle, that we are good to the bone. Why? Because we are made in God's image and our essence is of God and we are therefore inherently good. We can take that to the bank!

A friend of mine works at a Unity center back east that has as its mission statement the following, "To continually discover, demonstrate and educate our source of Good is God within." I love that statement. I can put my whole being into it because I know it to be true. First of all there is the part about God being within. Check. Got that part down. Then there is the part about the source of our good being within. That part I am still working on allowing that consciousness to really fill me. And then there is the part about wanting to continually explore the truth of that statement in my day to day experience and sharing it with others. Folks you are good, good to the bone. And the source of that good is within you. Let us rejoice and be glad. And above all, let's share the good news with others.

Rev. Jerry


August 11

One of the things that Matt Kahn teaches that stuck in my mind had to do with disappointment. He says that real spiritual practice or spiritual maturity only begins when we don't get our own way. I though immediately of childhood when we didn't get the toy or food that we were insisting on. The usual response was to pout or throw a tantrum. Think of the two year old's vehement 'no'. Sometimes that response can feel right near the surface still.

I couldn't help but think of that in this election year. Already with the primaries there have been a lot of people who didn't get what they wanted. And probably 50% of the electorate will not see their choice for president elected. Lots of room for disappointed people later this year. So it is important that we learn how to integrate disappointment into our spirituality and to have a way to respond positively. Kahn says further that disappointment is a sign that we have given our power away and it is the universe giving it back to us, if we take the opportunity. I encourage you to take a look at how you deal with your disappointment and see its integration as an important step in your spiritual journey.

Rev. Jerry



July 7
Another week, more mayhem and death. It seems like there is just no break from bad news of late. So how are we to handle all these headlines? I'd like to suggest that we pray them.

When you read the front page, watch the news, or check your iPad for news stories, pause beforehand. Connect with Spirit within and then listen, watch and read. And allow yourself to be a channel for Spirit to repond to the headlines. I am sure you fill find yourself blessing a lot of people and in doing so you will keep yourself from despair. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Rev. Jerry
June 15
Once again we find ourselves responding to an atrocity in our country. 50 lives taken and as many injured and scarred by the attack at the gay bar in Orlando. So why are these things happening? Why does it seem that we have to still learn learn really hard lessons? The age old question no doubt. Any answer seems speculative.
So how then do we respond? It would appear that rather than looking for answers, which mostly look for someone to blame and strike out at in anger, our time is best spend in looking at the opportunity that atrocities give us. Here is another event to which we can respond to with the undeveloped potential that is within us.
We say all the time that we are love. Life gives us these events and says so show yourself and the world what you are made of. Don't just say or think that you are divine love in physical form, be it. Be angry if necessary and then forgive. As you forgive know the power that is within you. Be amazed at your own ability to respond beyond your normal capacity. If we don;t do it in these situations who will? Just do it!

Rev. Jerry


May 18

Time sure is moving on. Now we are focusing on spring and summer. Often we are living in anticipation rather than living fully in the now. Perhaps we need to declare our arrival rather than think we are still waiting for an anticipated destination. I came across the following recently that I really liked. It fits beautifully with Unity's use of affirmations. Try it on for size.
"I declare my arrival. I declare my highest perfection, health, abundance, power, destiny and joy, is already here right now. I am already living it. May it come to life fully to celebrate in infinite ways the words I dare to speak and the consciousness I dare to hold, right now, as I AM, for the good of all. And so it is."
As with all new things it is good to try it for at least 21 days in order for it to reprogram our old paradigms. After all we've spent years telling ourselves the opposite so it probably is going to take several repetitions to sink in at a deep level. Enjoy the present moment!

Rev. Jerry

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April 1,

Happy Easter! I always feel that Easter is a bit anticlimactic, or at least the days following it. I want to ask 'so now what?' Shouldn't we be raising the dead or walking through walls or doing similar things to the resurrected Jesus. Instead it feels like life is just going on as usual. I find that all bit disconcerting.
What does it mean to be a resurrected people? I've tried answering that question for myself this year. I think that post resurrection Jesus was completely aware of the transmission of presence that his life was. Gone was the body that gave any sense of separation so that there wasn't even the slightest hint of duality. Living the resurrected life must be a life where there is only a sense of being animated by the very breath and life of God. There is a shift from focusing on what is happening to me to who is this happening to. Who it is happening to is the Divine dressed up as me. So, perhaps the resurrected life is more about who it is happening to and not knowing what exactly is happening. It simplifys things a lot as I only need to keep track of the answer to that one question - and who is this happening to again? Oh, yes, the I Am presence of God dressed up in this human body as me. I think I can keep track of that. Will keep you posted!

Rev. Jerry


March 3,

Barbara Marx Hubbard is here this weekend and that is a timely reminder of the season that we are currently in. Lent asks us to take a look at how we can grow more and evolve into the spiritual beings we came here to be. Just as all the bulbs are blossoming into daffoldils and spring flowers, each one of us is blooming from the spirtual potential that is stored within us as the Christ.
What does that mean practically. Well to me it means there is a potential of love within us that we are being asked to release. That love has to be accepted and received and given first to our own hearts. Then it gets to be extended or shared as a heartfelt empathy for others in our words, and in our actions. Enlightenment looks and sounds like kind words and good deeds towards others-not necessarily levitating or swooning in some mystical light.
Obstacles to our doing any or all of this include holding on to past memories or judgments of ourselves and others; reacting to challenging things that people say or do in our presence. Once more we are invited to see how powerful our potential is, to discover the power within us as noted Unity Minister and author Eric Butterworth once wrote about in his seminal book. Spring is bursting out all over and so are we!

Rev Jerry


February 4th
Wow! Already it is February and the first week is almost over. Time really does seems to flying! Some say that because of the new energy of light that is flooding the Universe that time is behaving differently, or at least our perception of time and space is being altered. Because there is a higher frequence of energy at play we are not bogged down as much as normal.
It certainly is true that Light is divine love in play in the field of time and space. Light contains pockets of information that are beneficial to our evolution and ascension. In order to notice them we must slow down and be in the silence. Perhaps then we can notice the Light that is constantly streaming through space, bathing us in love and truth. I invite us during this leap month to slow our breathing and slow our activity way down. How about taking that extra leap-day and make it a retreat day, a day away from the cares of the world. A day to nourish our soul. That sounds like a great leap day, leap year proposal to me!

Rev. Jerry

January 7th
I always find it amusing at this time of year that we have decided that it is the end of one year and the beginning of another. Says who? More than a billion muslims aren't celebrating a new year and for them the year is 1437. Different groups hold in consciousness that it is a certain year, or year's end or a new year. And yet, isn't that what we do all the time individually and collectively. We hold things in consciousness and agree or disagree on the content of what we hold. It is called faith and from faith spring our beliefs.
We will never all agree or hold the same thing in consciousness it seems. Truth is varied and has degrees. But there is one thing that we seem to agree on and that is that love is the only thing that is real and lasting. Maybe all of the religious factions fighting it out currently are only giving testimony once more to the real Truth that love is the answer, not faith, not beliefs and certainly not doctrine or dogma, which only separate us further.

Happy New year.

Rev. Jerry
Christmas 2015
"Joy to the world, peace on earth" are the words that scripture attributes to the time around the birth of Jesus the Christ. Maybe it was true for that moment around the manger scene, but there sure doesn't seem to be much peace or joy ever since, especially these past few weeks. So, what are we to make of that message?
In any given moment we can see it with human eyes, or we can see through it with the eyes of God. Right here, right now peace exists within the fabric of all things because the presence of God is omnipresence. But in order for us to experience it we must be willing to let go of every other perspective we are holding on to. It is like an x-ray in that sense in that we must see deeper and through all things.

My hope and prayer for you this Christmas is that whatever circumstance you find yourself in that you will find there the peace that passes all understanding.
Much love,
Rev. Jerry

December 10
All the recent happenings here and abroad help clarify something for us about where the focus of our attention ought to be. We definitely don't need to take our lead from 'the world', rather it is evident that we must take our lead from within. We can use the events of the world as a reminder in that regard. It goes back to what Jesus said about 'being in the world, but not of it'. Which really goes right to the issue of attachment. Despit all the evidence to the contrary we still want to build a changeless world.
It is consistent with our denial about change and death. Everything is transient and our focus is not meant to be on the form but on the formless nature that plays in the world of form. Hard lessons for this mind/body human being who loses touch with its true divine nature and identity. Advent is all about shifting our awareness in that regard.
Stay strong my friends!

Rev . Jerry

November 19
Last Friday we had another atrocity committed in the name of religion with the attacks in Paris. How do we respond to atrocities keeping our Unity teachings in mind? As Matt Kahn told us this past weekend asking why these things happen isn't useful. Think about it. We can all come up with the reasons and one of them will make any sense or make a difference. So can what can we do instead?
We can take the opportunity that has been presented to us to express our Unity understanding that there is only One Power in the Universe. And we can respond with love and not hate. If you think that is trite then go online and read the Facebook posts etc.. You will quickly realize how important a contribution you have to make by your loving response.

You are powerful, go make a difference.

Rev. Jerry

October 14
Here is an interesting poem I was sent recently about meditation from the Bhairava Tantra.

"Elaborate rituals and garish images may be useful in meditation when your mind is whirling with thoughts of sex, money and power, wandering like an elephant in heat. Go ahead and use these tools, yet know, beating drums and blaring trumpets cannot summon the One who is already present. I am not a collection of incantations known only to experts. I am not a ladder to be climbed, a sequence of piercing enrgy centers in your body. I am not to be found at the end of a long road. I am right here."
I loved how this poem brought me back to my true self once again, so easily and simply. Stating a clear fact that there is no journey to be undertaken to God. God is right here, right now, end of story. We could even say God is therefore I am.
What if what we really are is the breath of Life, the very breath of God. That breath that is always present, accepting what is and releasing it without attachment. What if we lived our lives with that focus rather than on any other identity we conjour up? How simple our lives would become by allowing Life to unfold one trustworthy breath at a time. No need to anticipate what might be coming next. No need to dread what might come. Simply enjoy the very essence of our identity that is always present and available to us, never abandoning us. And so we relax into the breath and into our true Self, our identity recurring in each moment. All each of us is then is the breath of Live taking form and shape as the character we inhabit.
Enjoy the so called journey of a character in form and in a personality, but don't be fooled into thinking that that is who you are. While you may be the intelligence of the Universe dumbed down, you are no dummy! So wise up to who you really are.

Rev. Jerry



July 23
What is faith? We can speculate on the meaning of faith which is very much a head centered thing. Or we can approach faith from a heart centered point of view. If we look at how religion has changed over the past few years we can see that there has been a big shift to a heart centered approach. No longer do we stress dogma, doctrine or beliefs but rather focus on relationships and intentional community. 

To say that we believe in God isn't half as impressive as to show that belief in action. When I think of faith I think of the AMC Church in Charleston. I think of people who lost their minister, family members and fellow congregants, and immediately offered forgiveness to the shooter. Now that is faith. And believe it or not there are people who try to denigrate that because they think it happened too soon. Isn't true faith having the ability to respond in the midst of the challenge, in the darkest moment? Isn't it that kind of faith that brings the dawn? I think so. May we all be so blessed.

Rev. Jerry


July 1
We live in interesting times don't we? We certainly live in changing times. Change is so fast and so radical anymore that it is difficult for us to feel that we are keeping up. It is as if the center isn't holding anymore and we are pushed and pulled in many directions without knowing how to be, or how to proceed with any confidence. Perhaps that is necessary for us to let go of our old way of being in the world, and the only way that we will move forward. We must let go if we are to reach out for the next version of ourselves to come into being. And it is not necessarily easy for us to do that.
It looks like our country is being asked to do that in some big ways at this time. It is disconcerting for many people and of course there will always be resistence. But if we look at history we see that resistence is futile. We can either get with the program now or be dragged screaming and kicking down the road.
So how do we manage our own fear and resistence? By acknowledging it and accepting that it exists. It needs room to breathe and to express itself. And it asks for us to honor it by respecting it as valid and real in its eyes. Instead of waging war with ourselves or being in denial, let's appreciate the part of us that wants to protect us. Instead of trying to move ourselves forward in our evolution, simply love the part of us who doesn't want to budge or have to change a thing. Instead of beating ourselves up simply love the part of us that feels left behind by this fast changing world. Being gentle with ourselves is always a good game plan when facing a lot of change, welcome or not.

Rev. Jerry
May 28
Last weekend was a momentous one for Ireland. After centuries of oppression and judgmentalism, which affected both men and women, it wiped the slate clean and declared a new day for all its citizens. Growing up there in the early 1960's I remember the oppressive morality that pervaded family life. Whether it was a young girl getting pregnant out of wedlock, or a couple separating because of a failed marriage, or someone going to England for an abortion, the pall of guilt and shame pervaded their lives there after. People were labeled and left marked emotionally and psychologically. It was an oppressive culture fueled by the self righteous and there was no escape for the transgressors. Many left Ireland in order to get away from the stigma.
I left Ireland in part because I didn't want to have to deal with my own family around the issue of being gay. It was easier to deal with from afar. When the vote came out in favor of Same Sex Marriage by a 2:1 majority I was overcome emotionally. It was as if a dam burst and all that oppression from the past was lanced, releasing all the guilt and shame of generations. Ireland had voted for a new day and a new way of being. It was done with the old paradigm and now all its citizens are equal for the first time. It was a great day for the Irish both at home and abroad. A day when it was easy to be proud because we had voted for compassion. Just one more sign that the times they are a changing for the better. I hope and pray that all people of all nations may one day share in the joy of such a life affirming stance. 

Rev Jerry

April 28
Well Matt Kahn's visit here on Sunday was amazing of course. His presence embodies so much love and wisdom. The beautiful part about Matt's teaching is that they reflect the Truth of our being. He reflects back to us our own innocence and perfection. He acts as a mirror for us to see clearly who we are. Many gurus or teachers want followers who will give their devotion to them. Matt invites us to know ourselves and to be in awe at our own splendor as much we are in awe at his.
As he said in his talk at the service our mission is to be awed by our own presence, which is truly the presence of the Divine. And when we become clear as to who this presence is in whose midst whatever is being experienced is arising, we overcome any sense of fear. Unity has been inviting us to know ourselves for over 125 years. Today, Matt Kahn is inviting us to know ourselves in a fresh and contemporary way, expressed in modern language. It is the same spiritual message expressed in different language. For sure it is the same experience because Truth is always Truth, whether it is Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, or Matt Kahn is sharing it. And we are all called to express it equally in our own unique way. Now is the time, let's just do it!

Rev. Jerry



March 26
I am really struck by how many congregants are talking about the recent changes that they have felt in their spiritual lives. It seems that many people are feeling a real shift taking place spiritually. It is as if we are living in different times, with more spiritual light coming through that is causing a deep sense of being lifted up. We can all do with a hand up when it comes to our spiritual lives.

I have to say I've been feeling this helpful energy myself especially since the end of December. I am amazed each day at how I am handling old issues differently, with ease and grace as they say. Issues that would have gotten a reaction out of me before now barely register. I know that some of you have commented that you've noticed a difference in my energy and particularly in my Sunday talks. That is what makes it real for many of us when we see someone else change in noticeable ways. That is giving witness, to use an old term, to the evolution of Spirit within us, and we become attractive to others who see us evolving. It is how we are meant to build spiritual community. I bet you are seeing yourself evolve like that too and are becoming more of an attractive agent to others. Let's make sure we are willing to share what is happening inside of us with others. As the song says 'this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine', or as scripture says, 'do not hide your light under a container, but let it shine for all the world to see.'

Allow the ever brightening light that you are to shine for all to see, and if they ask what's going on let them know!

Rev. Jerry


March 3

The men's group will start reading our new book on March 24th, namely  Neal Donald Walsch’s The Storm Before the Calm, which asks 7 questions that he believes need to be part of a global conversation.  The first question is, “How is it possible for 7 billion people to all claim that they want the same things and yet be unable to produce the very things they want?” Some of the things that we supposedly all want are love, peace and happiness. I think we can rightly conclude that there is not a common definition of these things for everyone to agree on. Happiness for one person may be misery for another. We all have our own stories and we don't agree necessarily on how to get what we believe the world wants. It is often the "how to" that separates people and prevents progress from being made. Also, another obstacle is that most people aren't looking inside for the answer to how peace or happiness might be achieved, rather they are following someone else's ideas, or expecting someone else to bring those things about. It seems we are not willing to take the time to find the real answers to these issues from within our own hearts. All 7 billion of us need to take responsibility for bringing these things about or it won't happen.

The second question is a real teaser, “Is it possible that there’s something we don’t understand about God?” The simple answer to this of course is a resounding yes!  We talk about only being able to know God from within and from our own experience. The totality of God is too big to be comprehended by any one of us. We can however experience the qualities of God, e.g. love. In Unity we focus on the idea that God is a creative or creating power that is always expanding, and the expansion takes place in, as and through us. In that sense we are cocreators with God. God is always in the process of becoming and changing so a concrete defintion is not readily possible. Any definition is already out of date.

Some of the other questions are "Is it possible you don't understand who you are?" Followed by "Who am I?". "Where am I in the physical realm?" "Why am I where I am?" "What do I intend do do about that?" All great questions that can stretch our soul and understanding of ourselves. We are hoping that more people will join us for our book study. We are open to women joining us for this book also. So, mark your calendars and see you at 10am on the 24th.

Rev. Jerry


February 2  
Tuning in to the latest energy of 2015 has been an interesting experience. On the one hand we have all sorts of mayhem on tv that people are revolted by. Meanwhile in our own hearts we may be experiencing a softening and an opening like never before. Spiritually we are being moved into a place of loving appreciation for ourselves, for our own hearts. As we feel that warm loving feeling bubble up life takes on a new joy and even playfulness. There is more energy available in each moment of each day. 

The newly experienced energy is then available for us to use in forging new connections with others. With people we might have avoided previously; with total strangers in the grocery store or when we can have a sweeter than usual exchange with friendly people passing by us. Our conversations with like minded people and those we resonate with are able to go so much deeper. All around us life itself is becoming more alive and we are more present to ourselves, each other and the now moment. And the more we open the more wonderful our lives start to feel. This is what I have noticed these past few weeks. How about you?

Rev Jerry

January 7
Are you ready for 2015? I hope so because it is here. And it is primarily an opportunity to decide to love the one you're with, namely yourself. Or yourSelf. Another year is going to provide moment by moment experiences in which you can love what is, or not accept what is arising. It's that simple of a choice, acceptance or rejection. Last year I found myself becoming clear regarding those choices, and loving what is became a practice for me. It's amazing how much nicer life is when you are in agreement with it and not fighting a war with it.
The other part of the practice is loving and accepting people as they show up and how they show up. Seems that the grocery store is my training ground for that one. I had some interesting experiences when shopping over the past few weeks almost every time I went grocery shopping. Seems like the universe is giving me training wheels with not judging others. God knows I need all the assistance I can get. But it nice to see the progress I have been making, especially with not judging myself when I don't always get it right. Remember the object of the lesson is to love oneself in all circumstances. I'm already looking forward to a year full of aceptance and love.

Rev Jerry

December 17

When preaching last Sunday it struck me how we can lose the focus of Christmas so easily. The birth of Jesus is supposed to herald an era of transformation for humanity, for us. Yet, each year it seems we go through some motions of celebrating something that never seems to come to fruition. As I said in my talk on Sunday, it starts to resemble the movie Groundhog Day.
So, do we want it to be different this year? Do we want it to have a different impact on us, and do we want to be transformed in some way? The birth of Christ and our celebration of it is meant to be an initiation into a spiritual path that follows in his footsteps. We are meant to be empowered by the Spirit and led into all Truth. It calls us to experience ourselves as the Divine presence in all circumstances and to let Spirit lead us in all that we say or do. That's the real focus of Christmas and the lesson for our lives. May it be so. May we make it so!

Merry Christmas
Rev Jerry


November 20th Last weekend we had the energizing presence of Barbara Marx Hubbard here. It just goes to show what one person can do to lift the vibration of a community by their own consciousness. At 85 she is modeling for us all how to envision our lives as we age. She says she feels that her body's cells are being regenerated and energized. Her mental acuity and physical stamina is remarkable.

What was wonderful about being with her was her indomitable spirit and sense of hope. She has a vision for our world, for each one of us individually and it is so strong that it is infectious. She is a catalyst who activates people's energy fields by her own high vibratory awareness. She is an attractive presence who lifts others to new levels of possibility for their lives. And this is who we all aspire to be as cocreative conscious evolving human beings.

Rev. Jerry


October 23rd
We have all been receiving such inspiration from our 7 week Fall study book "The 52 Codes of Conscious Self Evolution" by Barbara Marx Hubbard. When I was leading the weekly group here yesterday I asked the group members if they felt or sensed that there was a different energy at work in the world recently. Everyone bar one person put their hands up and then went on to talk about their own personal experiences with the new energy that they have been feeling.
     Barbara Marx Hubbard says that right now there is a new species just being born. One that is as different as water based creatures are from land based creatures. It is going to be that much of a divergence from the past. Perhaps you too are feeling this shift in consciousness. It can be disconcerting without a doubt but having a vision of what might be attempting to be born is vital. What might this being look like we wonder? Could it be that the resurrected Christ light body is a forerunner of all of our future selves? Imaging this being of pure light and love can help us to embody it in our cellular tissues. We need to embody the qualities and character of such a being so that the essence of God is fully expressed in, as and through us. It all goes back to our five Unity Principles!

Rev. Jerry

September 25th
We've all been choking on the smoke from the King fire this past week. Thank God we got some rain to clear it all out and maybe even put the fire out. As you may know there is man in custody for staring the fire maliciously. I've hear several people say that he should be put out in a public place for people to have their way with him and teach him a lesson.
I must admit I had a slight reaction like that come up but only momentarily and not as severely. It was more along the lines of what was he thinking? But it does ask the question of all of us as to what we are thinking about him. How willing are we to extend compassion or forgiveness when someone threatens us and our community in a major way. I find it sobering to realize that my reaction to him is really only a mirror of how I treat myself when I fail to live up to my own standards or doing something 'wrong' or 'dumb'. How willing am I to forgive myself or others? What am I getting out of going on the attack? Time to free myself from those old tapes. 

Rev. Jerry


September 10th
I just got back from Portland where I attended a retreat with Matt Kahn. What an incredible experience it was. What I learned is that we all tend to think of the spiritual path as something that we have to achieve through our spiritual practice, when in fact it is really a connection to our hearts.
It is as simple as imagining the Divine Presence within us a little five year old child, innocent and pure. Because we are innocent we are worthy of the Kingdom/Queendom, and are rightful claimants of our inheritance of love. We access that inheritance by loving each and every experience that we encounter one I love you at a time. Imagine, the spiritual life is really that simple. Who knew? Well actually we all do but we just refuse to believe that it can be that way for us and we go about doing, trying to earn that which is ours to begin with. Time to end that game! If you want to know more go to www.truedivinenature.com and watch the Youtubes there of Matt.
Rev. Jerry


August 20th

Recently I have been doing some reading on the Gnostic Kaballah. It is based on the writings of the Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures. I sometimes think that we have lost so much of the deep spirituality that is contained in those writings. We’ve lost the sense that every letter and every word in those texts has a vibration and power inherent in them. We tend to read the popular stories and are focused just on the characters and the outcomes, while all the time there is a much deeper vein of wisdom being offered to us.
I had the good fortune to study scripture for six years with some excellent professors. I’ve come to see that the main theme throughout the sacred texts deal with the Light of God. If we have eyes to see it is everywhere in the writings. Many modern texts are picking up on that same theme. When reading recently to choose a book for our seven week Fall program I happened to read the latest book by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Even there she writes about our need to cultivate our Light bodies. Others are writing about how Light is going to be (already is) the new healing medicine. I think it might be well worth our time to consider this a real possibility.

Rev. Jerry

July 23rd

One of the simplest spiritual practices is to use the breath as a pathway to connect with God. I recently preached on the Aramaic Beatitudes and 'Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven' is translated as 'happy are those who make their home in the breath'. Which made me ponder as to what it felt like to be at home in the breath. It made me think of being totally relaxed, resisting nothing and striving to make nothing happen. How different that feels from how we usually try to live life.
      Imagine relaxing into your body and feeling safe and secure. Imagine breathing full breaths in and out. Now imagine saying 'I love you" and sending it to your heart. Then let it flow from you heart throughout your body. Finally, let it flow outward from your heart to all hearts. Happy are they who are at home in the breath and in the flow of life/love. Enjoy this simple practice and use it especially when you feel yourself judging yourself, but not only then. Make it a daily practice of loving yourself as your neighbor and your God.

Rev. Jerry

June 25th 
It is interesting how something or someone can be presented in two very different ways. Let's look at the way in which Jesus is presented in traditional Christianity. He is seen as the only son of God; a messiah and savior figure. Now if we take a more Eastern look at his life we can see him as follows. He was someone who experienced an awakening experience and seemed to be always connected to the Divine. He was more like a guru or teacher who gathered a community of devotees or followers around him. He transmitted his consciousness to them through teachings and after his death through an energy transfer. 
After leaving this plane he became an Ascended Master who continued to connect with his followers and their successors down the centuries through the Spirit. It is this connection to Spirit that imparts 'the Christ' or enlightened consciousness that Jesus embodied in this plane of existence. The Spirit initiates people through an awakening experience, i.e. baptism, and initiates through a sustaining experience, i.e. confirmation. The question is do we see the connection that we have to make to Spirit in order to be fully initiated into the Christ consciousness, in order to be fully awakened and embody enlightened consciousness?

Rev. Jerry


June 3rd
According to the Kabbalah there is a curtain that divides our reality into the 1% and 99%. The 1% is the physical reality of our senses, the 99% is on the other side of the curtain. In the 1% realm we are often afflicted it seems by the 'Suddenly Syndrome', as in 'suddenly he dropped dead', or 'suddenly the deal fell through'. But is there really such a thing as 'suddenly', as if there can be a random unconnected event in our lives. I think not.
An oak tree doesn't suddenly just appear on the front lawn, somehere in the past an acorn seed was sown and later sprouted. Likewise the so called sudden events have seeds that were planted sometime ago and are maturing in their right timeframe. It is a thought worth remembering when suddenly something that we label bad appears.There is a bigger picture, 99% of it out of sight, but we can use our intuition to see into that also. Going into the silence is one way to possibly acces that.

Rev Jerry 


May 15th
I guess for many of us our teen years were when we wanted to be a bit radical, or maybe even a lot radical. I can remember having a poster of Che Guevara on my wall. I'm not sure I really knew much about him and it was the red and black poster that caught my attention as much as anything. But he was a revolutionary and a radical.
Spirituality calls us to be radical, yes, you and me. It asks us to see things very differently and to act in accordance with that new vision. Forgiveness is that radical, it asks us to turn the other cheek. I sometimes wonder if we are aware of what is really being asked of us. It all comes down to having a radical understanding and vision of who we are, of our essence - the presence of the Divine. Now that is pretty radical in this modern world. When the revolution comes....I will accept and know myself for who I truly am. Amen, sing it brother!

Rev Jerry


April 21st
Happy Easter! What does that mean exactly? I guess it could mean I hope you have a nice Easter holiday or time with your family. Or it could be an exhortation to have a certain spiritual awareness at this time.
In more recent years there has been a great debate in the religious community about the Resurrection and whether it was literal or symbolic. Bishop Shelby Spong has led the way in bringing new ideas to the table around this subject. Some find it quite alarming that a central tenet of faith is being tinkered with. He says that one can be a Christian and not require a literal belief in miracles, including the Resurrection. "What the Resurrection says is that Jesus breaks every human limit, including the limit of death, and by walking in his path we can catch a glimpse of that for ourselves. I don't think the Resurrection has anything to do with physical resuscitation. I think it means the life of Jesus was raised back into the life of God, not into the life of the world, and that it was out of this that his presence - not his body -was manifested to certain witnesses." At the end of the day, however we might try to describe it, it does speak to an energetic presence and a relationship between ourselves and this Resurrected presence. It is from this connection that our Easter joy or happiness comes from.

Rev Jerry


April 8th, 2014
Recently I gave a talk in which I quoted Socrates, the great Greek philosopher. He is said to have had a three filter process through which he passed everything that he said about others. The three filters are truthfulness, goodness and usefulness.
The first filter of truthfulness asks that we make sure that what we are about to say is in fact the truth. The second filter asks if what we are about to say is something good or not. And the third filter asks if what we are about to say is useful or not. The Golden Rule comes to mind again here with this process. Isn't this how I would like others to act when they are going to talk about me? Exactly, so let's practice being the type of people we wish others to be. You could say that these are Divine characteristics - being truthfull, seeing good and  only being useful. It's important that we flesh out our Divinity into practical actions and speech. Maybe then others will start to see it and believe!

Rev Jerry

March 20th

Welcome to the first day of Spring! What with the mild weather that we have been experiencing all of the buds are on the trees and the spring flowers are to be seen everywhere. The Universe is expressing itself gloriously once again in full color and fragrance. It so easy isn't it to appreciate the beauty and splendor of nature especially at this time of year.

And at the same time we have such difficulty being in wonder and awe at the splendor and beauty of ourselves and our lives. We look at a blossom on a tree and we feel appreciation and hope. When we look at ourselves in the mirror what do we see and what do we feel? Just as the Universe is expressing itself miraculously in the blossom it is doing the same thing through each one of us. When we smile, love, laugh, cry, hurt or are angry, the Universe is having that experience through us. How neat is that? Pretty amazing I think.

Let's appreciate the miracle that we are as we watch the miracle of spring unfold all around us.

Blessings - Rev Jerry

March 3rd



Tomorrow begins the  annual spiritual process of Lent–a time of ‘spring cleaning’ in consciousness,  a joyful clearing out of old fears, attitudes, judgments and other relics from earlier stages in our spiritual evolution.  The goal is to make room for the new dimensions of awareness and expression that are symbolized in the coming of spring and the born-again story of Easter.

Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founder, structured one of his major books around the idea of Lent as “a season of spiritual growth, a time for progressive unfoldment.”  He recognized that the most important fasting we could do would be to abstain from old forms of limited thinking, replacing them with a brand new sense of who we are, how the power we call God expresses as us, and what the true purpose of our human experience is.

 For the next 46 days the Daily Focus will follow the general structure of Lent, denying power to old, limiting beliefs and consciously choosing to embrace a new understanding of ourselves as expressions of the transcendant Divine. 

Let us affirm today that, as we emerge from the relative darkness of winter, so do we shake off the relative darkness of old beliefs that saw us as unworthy sinners or, at best, passive victims.  We gently and gracefully brush aside any sense of limitation or lack.  Today, through every experience or challenge, I AM the Christ–the Allness of God in creative expression. 


February 13th

Looking at my life
I see that only Love
Has been my soul’s companion
From deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of Love. - Rumi

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and many in our world will focus on the energy of love. How many will understand that love also operates under the Law of Circulation? If we want love in our lives then the best way to ensure it is to love first, not wait to be loved and then return it. Ah yes, we get so much of life backwards it seems. I'm sure there will be many who will spend the day lamenting that there isn't some special person or love in their lives. And even then, many with someone in their lives will lament that the love they receive isn't good enough. Rumi also says, " the fault is in the blamer, the Holy Spirit sees nothing to criticize." May we all be satisfied lovers and release the hidden power of love from our own Divine hearts.
Rev Jerry
January 30th
Spiritual Laws are really just laws of life. They are what they are and there is no getting around them, just like gravity. We say that spiritual law is impersonal which is not to imply that God doesn’t care about us. It simply means the laws are set and apply to all. Perhaps a better word is that they are impartial. It is because God loves us that we are provided with impartial spiritual laws that we can come to know and rely on. God is not capricious. God doesn’t make exceptions dealing one way with us now and another later. Like mathematical law these laws of life respond equally to everyone, all the time, everywhere. They will respond to our conscious use of them. The law of Circulation - as you give so shall you receive- is key in terms of our experience of abundance. The law asks if I am a giver or a receiver? If my attitude to life is 'give me, give me, give me' then life responds by asking a lot from us. If my attitude to life is 'how can I give' then life will find lots of ways to give to me. So, if I want my life to be abundant I need to remember that 'all that I give into the lives of others comes back into my own.'
Rev Jerry

January 16th
I gave a talk for the White Stone ceremony on the first Sunday of the month in which I pointed out the first step in our spiritual journey is to know who we really are -the Divine creative presence in disguise as us. Afterwards I was talking with someone about this and I heard myself say 'and the other fifty one Sundays of the year are basically a repeat of the same message'.
If you channel surf on the web at all among spiritual internet sites it seems that everyone is focusing on that same message. It appears that we are at a time when we are awaking to our true nature. About time you might say. We've been told the message a million ways, a million times but seemingly to no avail. It isn't about a spiritual path or tradition, it isn't about following a guru or teacher, it isn't about doctrine or dogma. What it is about is living from our authentic loving Selves. No matter what shows up within me or in the outside world, can I stay in the energy of loving it. Can I live in love? It is the only way to fulfill the command 'to love God and your neighbor as your (S)self". It actually is that simple to understand. As Claire of Assisi said, "above all, be lovers of your soul." Amen to that!

Rev Jerry

December 31st


When the mid-night bell rings tonight,
Let it signify new and better things for you,
Let it signify a realization of all things you wish for,
Let it signify a year of courage and beliefs,
Let us remember that we become what we think most about,

Let us think most about being out going and up lifting,

Wishing you a very...very...very prosperous 2014.
Rev Jerry

December 16th
Joel Goldsmith is one of my favorite mystical, metaphysical writers. He has such good insight and expresses himself clearly and simply. I have a card on my desk of some of his sayings about prayer that I find myself referring to day to day. Here are some of his gems;

Be sure your prayer is not trying to influence God.

Prayer is the absence of desire in the recognition of what IS.

Prayer is the awareness of that which is by seeing it - not by making it so.

Prayer is the inner vision of harmony. The vision is attained by giving up the desire to change, improve anyone or anything.
Challenging insights indeed but worth mulling over I believe.

Rev Jerry

November 25th
We had a very inspiring service yesterday in which people shared what they were grateful for in their lives right now. So many spoke about what this spiritual community has meant to them. Some spoke of the friendships that we share, some spoke of the way in which they were loved or served by someone from the community in a time of need. Others spoke of the tremendous spiritual growth that has come about in their lives because of Unity in the Gold Country. Others spoke of the healing that has come about in their lives because of what they have learned here and because of how they were touched by someone. 
It was all very touching,heartfelt and true. We are blessed to be part of such a life-giving and vibrant spiritual community with the power to change lives. We might want to appreciate that for a moment and then decide that we ought to share it with as many people as possible. We get new members through the power of attraction and we are the attractors, or we can be if we share our spiritual path and home with others. I joked that we are Nevada County's best kept secret, which is a real shame. So many people are looking for a life-giving spirituality and a spiritual home. Why wouldn't we want to share the wonderful gift that is ours with others? As the Law of Giving and Receiving says we must give in order to receive. If we want to grow as a spiritual community we must give and when we do we will receive the gift of new friends and members. Happy Thanksgiving.

Rev Jerry


We are almost at the end of our 7 week program. Once again I just got so much wisdom from rereading the principles as outlined by Chopra. I think what is most powerful about the book is that he gives us practices that we can sink our teeth into that make the spiritual principles real. Just as Fillmore called Unity practical Christianity I think Chopra makes this ancient wisdom accessible in our daily lives through the practices. 
I was also struck by the fact that we tend to create in fits and starts. We don't always keep going in a progressive way with our visioning and intentions. We create and are successful and then we stop for no good reason. Instead, why don't we think bigger and take on more global intentions? Imagine what we could achieve if we kept opening ourselves to bigger and better possibilities for ourselves and the world. Our imagination is the only think keeping us back or moving us forward depending on how open we are to the inspirations of the Universe.

Rev Jerry


October 28
We are well into our 7 week Fall study program. I'm amazed how studying this book again nine years since we last did it is providing deeper insight this time around. I really get that what Chopra wants us to understand is that we create from the consciousness that we claim. If I believe that I am a worm of a man then I'll create from there. If I believe that I have the intelligence of the universe inside me guiding me then I will create from that place.
It is also clear to me that each one of us must come to the understanding of our Divine essence before the purpose of creation and this world is achieved. Jesus modeled for us that the resurrecting Spirit of God in us leads to ascension and that it is the end point for all humanity. But we get to choose to assist that process or resist it. It boils down to having a spiritual practice or not and following the guidance that is given to us. We either get to do it now or we postpone it. What then do you choose this day?
Rev Jerry

October 1st.
Today is the 30th anniversary of my coming to the States. As I look back over those 30 years I marvel at my expereinces. When I left Ireland little did I ever think I would live in Hawaii, or that I would one day end up leaving the RC priesthood, or become a Hospice Chaplain, or become a Unity Minister.


     As I thought about what book to choose for this year’s 7 week Fall program I asked myself what one book would I like to reread and spend time studying again. One title jumped right out at me. I first read The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success in 1995. I can honestly say that the book changed my life in ways that I was only dreaming of at that time. It began a process of unfolding that eventually brought me to Grass Valley and to a whole new life as a Hospice Chaplain and my involvement with Unity in the Gold Country. This is the book that helped me to start living an authentic life.
       I know the power of the material in this book to change lives. If these laws are understood and used on a daily basis then truly all things are possible and our dreams can come true. My prayer for all of us is that through our reading of this book we will once again remember that we are ‘powerful beyond measure’ . I invite you to sign up for a group on the back table and buy a book in the bookstore and then let the creative process begin!
Rev Jerry


September 24th
Are you familiar with The Golden Key?  It’s impossible to estimate how many thousands of people have been helped by that one little pamphlet, written more than half a century ago by the wonderful teacher and metaphysician Emmett Fox.


 The Golden Key offers the simple, single secret to achieving success in the face of challenge, abundance in the face of lack, peace in the face of conflict.  What is the key?  Simply this:  Remove your attention from the situation at hand, and focus instead on God – not on God as the solution to the problem, and definitely not on God as the solver of the problem.  Just turn your attention to God as God – the infinite and eternal energy of life.

 This may sound like some sort of spiritual escapism.  But in fact it is just the opposite; it is an affirmation of the only true reality there is – the only thing we can know and affirm with absolute certainty at any time and in any situation:  God the Good.

 In placing our focus on the certainty that is God, we move past the evidence of our senses, the fears of our limited ego minds, and we affirm that the only true reality is our eternal Oneness with God.

 Today, even as I embrace my five-sense life experience, I move beyond it to a greater dimension of awareness.  I place my focus, my faith, my I AM consciousness in God – not because God has what I want, but because God is what I want – and God is within me, now and always.  Amen. (from Rev Ed Townsley)


Welcome to my blog. 
August 18th The Way of Mastery by Shanto Christi has a wonderful chapter that contains a purification exercise for the mind. I like to call it an antivirus software program for the egomind and personality. We just need to be mindful that whenever we challenge the ego's 'truth' we had better be ready for some resistance. Here are 9 statements of truth that the book asks us to sit with and watch what comes up for us emotionally and mentally. It suggest taking one of these statements and working with it several times each day for a week.

1. It is not possible for you to be without love.

2. It is not possible for you to be alone.

3. It is not possible for you to taste death.

4. It is not possible for you to taste genuine loss.

5. It is not possible for you to suffer the dream of separation.

6. It is not possible for you to be apart from your Creator.

7. It is not possible for you to fail.

8. It is not possible for you to harm anyone or anything.

9. It is not possible for you to be guilty of sin.

I strongly encourage you to try this exercise and see what changes might take place consequently.

Rev Jerry

July 25th
Humans have felt the need for rituals and ceremony from the earliest times. Sacred moments are holy moments that are common to all humans regrdless of religious affiliation. They link us with the spiritual power of life itself and both uncover and express our search for meaning. In a sacred moment two things happen: we act and God acts. We stage the significant moments of our lives  by employing rituals and we find meaning in the drama. And God is in that human action, in our wills, forming our emotions, guiding our minds, affecting our bodies and touching our souls. The word we use for that experience overall is grace. We are touched by the presence of God. All people ought to have, and need the opportunity of experiencing grace in a ritual that blesses their love relationships. Tonight I have the joy of conducting such a blessing for our good friends Karle and Pat. And that experience has the power to bless us all. Where love is, there is God and the possibility of experiencing it, if we are open to it. 
Rev Jerry

July 11th
The gift of summer is something that seems to be a thing of the past. I remember lazy days when life seemed to slow to a gentle pace. Now it seems we only try to cram more into our summer days rather than take it easy.
Charles Fillmore, Founder of Unity, was caught up in the busy search for God, for an experience of Jesus and of prayer. Finally he decided to do his searching in the silence of his soul. He entered the inner depths of his being and found there the presence that brought him peace and calm. Most importantly it brought him direction and guidance for his life purpose. It prompted him to begin his life work which he was guided to name Unity.
What might we discover within the recesses of our own being and what might we be prompted to do in the silence? We will never know if we don't slow down and take the time to listen to 'the still small voice' within. I hope you make time this summer to stop, smell the roses, and listen in to the silence within your own being. You never know what awaits us there!


Rev Jerry

June 24th

Recently I attended the Unity Worldwide Convention where I got to hear some of the world’s top thinkers, including English scientist Peter Russell, author of From Science to God. Early in his career he realized that no scientists had really studied consciousness. So he dedicated his scientific career to doing so. Along the way he came to believe in God. His primary method of studying consciousness was through meditation.

He says that the mind in its natural state is at rest and at ease. We are the ones who create a sense of dis-ease or unrest. Meditation then is simply bringing the mind back to its natural state of ease. He thinks that many spiritual seekers are trying too hard especially when it comes to meditation, and are attempting to have experiences. He sees it as being much simpler and more about letting go and allowing the mind to find its own homeostasis, rather than striving to find enlightenment. It is our essential beingness that we most desire to experience, our isness or I Amness. God, he says, is the name we give to I Am which each one of us is capable of experiencing within the mind and heart. He encourages us to keep it simple and to focus on this goal in our meditation time. Hope this might be of some direction and help.  Rev Jerry


May 26th
On this memorial weekend we remember all those who sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy ours and the freedoms that we have. I came across 10 Laws of Life that might help us to live our lives better.

        #1.    If something can go right, it will.
        #2.    Nothing is too good to be true; only what is good is true.
        #3.    Ease is more effective than struggle.
        #4.    Love is the law that always works. Life takes care of
                those who love.
        #5.    You are safe right now. Danger seems real only in the
                past and future.
        #6.    Asking for what you want increases your chance of getting it.
        #7.    Idols always fall on those who worship them.
        #8.    No door closes without a wider one opening.
        #9.    Death is but a shadow. Life just keeps finding new 
                ways and more joyful forms to express itself.

        #10.    Life is good and it only gets better. We might try living our lives with these in mind and see if we don't make them better. Rev Jerry


May 9th, 2013 


The 3 Faces of God Retreat.

We have maps for every journey that we might go on. We even have google maps to guide us these days. What map do we have for exploring consciousness? Thanks to Ken Wilber and his work we now have a map for understanding our spiritual journeying. Would you like to discover where you are on your journey; what might be your next step and how Unity fits into the bigger picture? How do we understand Jesus in a way that doesn't treat him as a mythic figure and how do we relate to him now as a Unity person? If you are interested in these questions then be sure to plan to come to the 3 Faces of God Retreat on Saturday May 18th which starts promptly at 9:30am and goes until 12:30pm or 1pm depending on how much material we cover. The material covered in the first half hour is foundational for the rest of the presentation. If you would like please bring your favorite spiritual poem or prayer or image of God to share. We will cover topics such as prayer, images of God, understanding the role of Jesus/Buddha/Krishna, and 3 particular perspectives of God common to most spiritual paths. Looking forward to seeing you for what ought to be an interesting and experiential time together. Rev Jerry


April 18th
It looks like Spring has finally sprung. But you can never be sure just as one swallow doesn't make a summer a nice warm day doesn't mean it will continue. It often seems like Spring is just auditioning or trying it one for size. It gives us a taste but then reverts back to its old wintery ways. It reminds me of spiritual growth in some ways. We have a breakthrough and we think finally I've mastered manifesting or prosperity. "I'll never see a day of lack in my life again." Thud. Then surprise surprise I seem to land back in old familiar territory of lack thinking. Maybe I was just trying it on to see how it fit. I think this experience is the difference between being at a stage as opposed to experiencing a state. States are fleeting like peak experiences. They might only be a once off experience and they fade with time. A stage is when we get to stabilize an experience and it becomes our norm. So, as you enjoy the springlike weather remember that it can teach us about how our spiritual growth takes place. We don't usually just jump from one season in life into another, there tends to be a back and forth, and it isn't always smooth. Allow ourselves some time and opportunity to try it out for size and not get discouraged if we don't get it right the first time. Happy growing.

Rev. Jerry
April 3, 2013
In many respects Easter Sunday is not an easy time to preach or give a talk. The day itself is overshadowed by so many layers that have been added on that the original message tends to get lost. For example, as my good friend Rev Shawn said, 'how did peeps become a symbol of Easter? What connection do they have to Jesus?' Shawn was a stand-up comedian so you can sense his tongue in cheek comment but there is some truth there.
Even from a traditional or dominant theology point of view Easter is portrayed as all about Jesus. And of course it is about him but only in the role of being a way shower to all of us. The first part of the message is that Jesus was raised up by God, or the God presence in him raised him up. But the second part of the message is equally important and it goes along with Jesus' adminition 'these things you shall do and greater than these.' The equally important message of Easter is that we have within us the potential to become a risen Christ just like Jesus. If we don't get that all important second part of the message we miss the real lesson of the first part. To the extent that we have that mind in us now that was in Christ Jesus we are already expressing and experiencing the resurrected life. Happy resurrections each and every day!

Rev Jerry
March 23, 2013

We stand once again on the treshold of another Holy Week. We get a chance to listen again to the story of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus and to connect to the deep messages that are inherent in his story. Many people are turned off by the suffering aspect of the story and the guilt that was often associated with that in traditional religion. People have thrown the baby Jesus out with the bath water. I always try to encourage people to take a second look. It isn't about evoking guilt and shame. The very word or name Jesus for many causes an allergic reaction when they hear it. I think that is unfortunate as the life and message of Jesus was meant to be about giving new life, not causing us to feel badly about ourselves. Ernest Wilson wrote a book called "The Week That Changed The World" in reference to Holy Week. And it is true that humanity's understanding of itself was forever changed because of the life and teaching of Jesus. However, the teaching has been turned on its head by many. What he really taught was that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We too have the presence of the Christ within us waiting to unfold. We are simply Divine in our essence. That is the truth that heals and gives life. Let's not throw it away by theologies that have riddled us with their guilt and shame. To do so is to truly make Jesus life, teaching, suffering and death in vain.

Rev Jerry


March 13th, 2013
Habeamus Papam! Well the call never came. I was gone last week on retreat and some of you speculated that I was gone to Rome but there was no truth to that rumor. The church is open to change but not that much!
Anyway, on a more serious note I was thinking about what the purpose of religions, spiritual traditions, churches, centers, synagogues, mosques really is. I was reminded of something that a very wise spirtual lady told me once in Hawaii. She said, "{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}The truth is Church is the structure of Truth and love; when that is recognized, it maintains and sustains itself. We just need to know we have all the truth and love that we need in order to release the hidden splendor. Our church will then fulfill its destiny to feed the multitudes.” I think that says it clearly and concisely.   
     We are all looking for "the truth", genuine spiritual wisdom to guide our lives, and we also want to love and be loved. It would seem that those are two yard sticks that we can apply to many questions or issues that arise within our various organizations. Sounds simple doesn't it yet we only have to look at organized religion and spiritual traditions to see how messy and complicated we can make it.

I wish the new Pope all the best and hope that he will live up to the name of one of Christianity's leading lights. The world and Catholicism needs him to without a doubt.

Rev Jerry
February 27th, 2013
Whenever people find themselves in the middle of hurricanes or storms we need to remind ourselves that while they may have lost electricity, we know they still have power. In a situation like that it can sure feel bleak and that we are truly in the dark.

But it is good to remind ourselves that nothing and no one can take away the power that is within us. The Bible says it this way: “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4) Of course sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. When faced with a flooded house, or a stormy relationship, or a business deal gone sour, it may seem like the entire world is against us. In the face of disaster, we may feel very very small and absolutely powerless. It is important to  remember that nothing and no one is against us.   

These are the very moments we have the greatest opportunity to surrender to the greatest  power alive in us. We have the choice to choose the power of God within us over the situation.

God is infinite. God is always more than we need. More love, strength, wisdom, power – you name it. We get to affirm “The power of God expressing as x is within me and I call it forth in this situation now!” You fill in the blank with the power required in whatever situation you are facing.

Who’s got the power? I do and you do. No one and no-thing can take it from us unless we allow it to happen. When you remember this, you take back your power and open up to new possibilities. 
Rev Jerry.



February 13th 2013
Well the shocking news of the week is that the Pope has resigned. Right there is further proof that we are living in different times. In honor of my Catholic past I feel I need to mark this historic occasion in some way on my blog. I've chosen to share a poem about Ash Wednesday which speaks to our humanity and what God is still able to achieve through it and in spite of it.


Blessing the Dust:


A Blessing for Ash Wednesday  by Jan Richardson


All those days you felt like dust, like dirt, as if all you had to do was turn your face toward the wind and be scattered to the four corners or swept away by the smallest breath as insubstantial—

Did you not know what the Holy One can do with dust? This is the day we freely say we are scorched.  This is the hour we are marked by what has made it through the burning.
This is the moment we ask for the blessing that lives within the ancient ashes, that makes its home inside the soil of this sacred earth.

So let us be marked not for sorrow. And let us be marked not for shame. Let us be marked not for false humility or for thinking we are less than we are but for claiming what God can do within the dust, within the dirt, within the stuff of which the world is made,
and the stars that blaze in our bones, and the galaxies that spiral inside the smudge we bear.
Happy trails. Rev Jerry


February 5th, 2013
When ever we have to deal with death it is then that we really have to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Last Friday we took our thirteen and a half year old dog Te Quiero to be put to sleep. It was a new experience for me and one that I am not anxious to repeat. Even tho we had nine months to prepare for the inevitable it was still hard to do. I knew that it was the kindest thing to do rather than wait until she was in more discomfort, but when the moment of death came it was a real shock to my system. In that moment I did not feel good about my actions. Here was this trusting companion who walked unknowingly into the vets office to face her death. Not being able to communicate what was going on or about to happen felt really crummy. And of course saying goodbye is never fun.

So I have to look at this whole experience with the eyes of a spiritual being rather than from my human attachment. She did not die rather she passed into immortality; she is free from animalistic suffering and free to romp over the Rainbow Bridge. The whole concept of ownership of a pet is as ludicrous as it is for people to think that their children are theirs. They are immortal, eternal spiritual beings just like us and are only loaned to us in this world. They hold space for love, for companionship, for trust, for healing, for living in the moment with enthusiasm, and for shaking off disagreements, conflicts and hurts. They are truly amazing spiritual teachers. I got a condolence email from a congregant that said "Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakended." I can attest to that. I never loved a dog until Te Quiero came into my life twelve years ago. I have been much more in touch with my soul thanks to her. I miss her physical presence but I know that she is in my heart and so we are still connected. I have no doubt that in time when I make it to the Rainbow Bridge that she and her brother Cullen will come racing to greet me with their ever enthusiastic wiggle-butts.

Rev Jerry

January 17th, 2013

Disappointing people is never easy. Being a Minister and disappointing a whole congregation can be a real challenge. Last Sunday I had a new experience of being the bearer of disappointing news for us as a congregation in making the announcement that the sale of the building was not going to go through as planned. When I first got the word of that a few weeks ago I was in shock but over the past few weeks got used to the idea. Then for a while I dreaded the idea of telling the congregation. Last Sunday when I got up to make the announcement I was in that place recommended by our book study choice "The Untethered Soul"of choosing to be happy anyway. It's amazing how something as simple as that can really make a difference in one's outlook. As a community we get to choose to continue to see how our good might unfold, perhaps in a different way than planned. How many times have we experienced our hopes being dashed on the rocks of adversity only to look back later and be very grateful that things turned out at they did? Who knows what is now in store for us? All I know is that our good awaits us just as before, waiting for us to claim it. We are a community of loving, giving, prosperous, grateful, kind, playful and loving people, enlightened spiritual beings, animated by Spirit and guided by Spiritual Principle. So, let's see what we can create together.

Rev Jerry



January 2nd , 2013
I almost wrote 2012...it takes getting used to doesn't it. First of all a Happy New Year to you all. We are off and running with a brand new year of 365 days. What will it bring? So much of that answer is really up to us since we are the point of power of the Divine. We are the creative power that gets to choose where to apply that power in our lives. If we adopt a lassez-faire attitude to this new year we may end up experiencing 2012 all over again. Some people just live the same year over and over perhaps for twenty or thirty years and nothing much changes in their lives. It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day where each day proceeded to be the same experience. In order for that not to happen we must take action, we must set a course for ourselves in this new year. Some people make resolutions for the new year which don't always work. I'd like to propose that we do something a little different.

Last year for the first time we had a White Stone ceremony here at UGC. It is a commonly held ritual in most Unity churches. What I like about it is that it takes the focus off of what I want in this new year. It opens me up to a much higher calling or vibration.

    What the White Stone ceremony invites me to look at is what the Divine is calling me to be in this new year? Now isn't that a much more interesting proposition for my soul to ponder? I mean I can come up with lots of wants or desires using my brain or my heart. And God does use those but it just makes much more sense to me that I would go straight to source, or to headquarters as Charles Fillmore said, and simply ask directly what the Divine might be prompting me to express this year. We are evolving souls and our innate essence knows where we are headed. Sounds like a fine idea to me to check in with it and find out what that might look like for the coming year. Doing that up front might save me a lot of wasted time and energy down the road. After all, we are told to ask and that when we do we shall receive. With that in mind we get to ask confidently.

   During the White Stone ceremony our stance is one of listening and being open to what Spirit might say to us in image, words or ideas. What comes can be a vector that points us in the right direction whereby we can unfold the next best version of our Divine selves. Because you know don't you that you are simply Divine? By the way, I am hoping to publish a book this year by that title "You Are Simply Divine". 

    I hope that you can join us this Sunday, January 6th when as a community we will be listening together to know who and what it is that we are being called to be in this new year. If not I hope that you can do the ceremony at home because it truly is transformative. You can listen to the talk once it is posted either on the front page of the website or in the archive section of past talks. Give yourself the gift of a great new beginning to this new year and let the Divine unfold as it desires in you. It is a soul fulfilling thing to do. Make it a great year.
            Namaste - Rev Jerry


December 20th, 2012.

So, here we are folks, we made it to the Winter Solstice and to the end of the Mayan calendar. You have your choice of what is supposed to happen, either good or bad. Which do you choose to see happening? I'm always reminded of our Unity principle, universal spiritual principle actually, "that thoughts held in mind produce after their kind". Where we focus our attention energy flows. So, if we want December 21st/22nd to be the beginning of a new enlightened era for humanity so be it done according to our thoughts and words.
          I'm really proud that the Unity movement joined forces with Barbara Marax Hubbard and the Shift Movement worldwide to focus on creating groups of people locally, dedicated to bringing about beneficial change for their communities. Here at UGC we will be gathering on Saturday December 22nd from 10:30am-3:30pm to hold our own celebration of the birth of a new era for humanity. Part of our celebration will be a livestream from Agape Center in Los Angeles which ought to be really exciting. We are hoping to be part of over 100 million people worldwide who participate in viewing the livestream. That's a lot of folks, a lot of positive intentions and good vibrations going around the globe for 33 hours starting Friday night. We can cocreate a new reality and we will. All it takes is intention, dedication and action. I invite you to join us in the new year also when we form our interest groups on January 6th at 2:30pm for an hour of cocreating a world that works for all. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. Rev Jerry

December 5, 2012

Last Sunday I preached on how to create our world since Unity Worldwide Ministries' mission statement is "To create a world that works for all." How do we create a world that works for us never mind for everyone else. The answer to that question is at the heart of the metaphysical teaching of Unity. The following is a brief synopsis of the process that we can use to create our desires. The talk can be found in the 2012 archive folder for December 2nd.

1. Sit quietly and connect to the deepest part of your being, namely Source and Spirit within.
2. Allow a thought or desire to surface in your mind or heart.

3. Impress this thought, idea or desire on your subconscious.
4. Feel the truth of that idea or desire. Pour your feeling nature into the knowing of it until you are satisfied that it is a real felt belief and truth for you. 5. Know and feel it to be true this minute NOW and not as something to come in the future.

6. Give thanks in advance for the manifestation of your desire.
7. Take action now based on the manifestation to come.
Happy creating.
Rev Jerry

November 13, 2012
This coming Sunday we get to celebrate and to give thanks. It has been a really great 7 week Fall Study program with "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer. In our group today we all raved about how much the book challenged us and offered profound insight into the spiritual journey that we are all on. I really want to celebrate the growth that this book has triggered in us all. Also, at this time we are on the verge of signing the purchase agreement for the building that we hve been in for over four years. Not that long ago we wondered how we were ever going to afford to do that but with the passing of time and God's grace it has become possible. That is quite remarkable in many ways but a testament to faith and applying spiritual principle to our challenges. Having been so involved in 2008 in renovating the building and the Capital Campaign I am just delighted to be at this point right now as we approach Thanksgiving.
Speaking of which we have so much to be thankful for this year. As we gather together this Sunday I hope that we can really celebrate and be grateful for the evolution of our good this past year, both spiritually and materially. It is my intention to have the congregation share during the service what they learned over the last 7 weeks from our study of the book and also what in particular they are grateful for this year. I am looking forward to what everyone is going to share.

Rev Jerry




October 25th, 2012
As we approach the end of 2012 there is much speculation about and focus on the date December 22nd. According to the Mayan calendar this date marks the end of a long era and the beginning of new era of higher consciousness. Barbara Marx Hubbard had a vision many years ago of the failure of all of humanity's systems to be replaced by a new era of enlightenment. She has devoted her life to bringing about this new dawn for humanity. So much so that she has been hailed as "the midwife to humanity's shift in consciousness". On December 22nd she is celebrating the birth of what she is calling Homo Universalis. She, along with the Shift Organization, is planning a worldwide celebration and ushering in of the new era. She is asking for 100 million people to join the planned activities worldwide. Locally Unity is planning 3 events or 'hubs' as Hubbard calls them to stir up interest in her endeavor. 
On Friday October 16th we will hold our first planned event; on November 16th we will hold our second event; and on December 22nd we hope to join those millions of people worldwide in ushering in the new era with an event here also. We are awaiting more info on what time that will be as it will involve hooking up with live broadcasts from around the world. It would be nice to be able to say in the future that we were there for the birth day celebration and inauguration. I hope that you can join us. Also, we now have CD's of Barbara's keynote address at the Unity Convention in Detroit (June 2012) for sale in the bookstore.
Rev Jerry


October 3rd, 2012
Today is my 29th anniversary of coming to the States. Boy has my consciousness evolved in those intervening years. I've read some amazing books during that time but our current 7 Week Fall Program book ranks up there in the top three that I've read. The book is The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. Our men's group started reading it back in March and we all appreciated it greatly. A few weeks back Oprah interviewed the author in her OWNtv network. Glad to see that she is keeping up with us! 
The book delves into the question as to who we are really. He gives clear guidance as to how we can figure that out. One of the things that I enjoyed about the book was its clarity and the wonderful examples that he gave to highlight a point. We've sold over 60 of the books here at UGC and we have 52 people studying it in small groups. I applaud all those who have been willing to take the plunge and to delve into the deepest question of all, namely, who am I. I look forward to the growth that this will produce in our spiritual community and in our consciousness.  Rev Jerry


September 13th, 2012
One of the things that I really appreciated recently was having the support of a spiritual community at my back. It was wonderful to just get all the affirmations and promises of prayer, along with all the hugs and well wishes for Dennis' speedy recovery. I can hardly imagine what it must be like to go through such life experiences without any family or community support. And that happens more than we probably realize.

The other realization from this expereince, which I knew previously, but relearned is that it is so important to have an advocate when you are in the medical system. Your level of care is often dependent on someone speaking up for you. That is all the more apparent with the tremendous stress that the medical professionals are under to conform to government and insurance regulations that sometimes are in direct conflict with what is best for the patient. I had to stand my ground a couple of times to ensure that Dennis got the proper and best care. When I did it was amazing how much of a u-turn was made in terms of the plan of care going forward.

I have to say that we were both very impressed with the genuine care and concern shown by the staff taking care of Dennis in ICU, on the regular floor and at the nursing center afterwards. They are doing a tremendous job under very difficult circumstances. Also, if you ever happen to be in SNMH be sure to get to know the Chaplain, David Swetman. He also proved to be another set of eyes and an advocate for Dennis for which we were very grateful. Be well.
Rev Jerry


September 5, 2012 
well it has been an interesting few weeks what with Dennis' fall and recovery. All of these experiences are a wonderful chance to put our spirituality into practice. Staying out of the drama and reaction is one of the more challenging things that we get to practice. The other side of that is staying in the place of love which has its own reward of bringing us into a place of peace. It reminds me of the eye of the hurricane and it is good to know that it is possible to do.
      Recently I have been reading one of the masterpieces of the spiritual classics called the Cloud of Unknowing. This is a 13th century book written by an English mystic. In it he says that there is a cloud of unknowing between us and God and that we need to accept that and stop trying to fill in the knowing part with our own thoughts. He also says that we need to put a cloud of separation between ourselves and our lives. We need to forget about who we think we are, our station in life, our attachments and our sense of oursevles. It is only when we do both of these things that we can really contemplate or know God. It reminds me of Fillmore urging us to sit in the silence. We must be still and silent in order to know.... God and and our true selves. I believe that I have done both recently due to the 'crisis' that I had to deal with. I am extremely grateful for all the prayers for Dennis and for myself. Let's only see each other as the Christ that we are and the whole and complete beings that we truly are. Happy knowing!

Rev Jerry



August 9, 2012
One of the books that has really had a huge impact on people's spirituality and thinking here at UGC over the past year is The Way of Mastery by the Shanti Christo Foundation out of New Mexico. It is what is called a channeled work and that right there can stop a lot of people from reading it. My advice is don't let that stop you. It is similar to A Course In Miracles, also a channeled work, but infinitely more readable,  simpler and to the point. The book is really made up of three separate sections, the first being The Way of The Heart, the second being The Way of Transformation, and the third The Way of Knowing. The individual lessons were originally delivered via Jon Marc Hammer from 1994-97.
The main message of the book is that each one of us is another Christ who is an extension of the love that G
od is. The only purpose of each moment, each day and each life is to be in an awareness of love and to extend that love in every situation, to everyone we encounter. The book seems to operate at the subconscious level and repeated reading seems to erase old beliefs and fears. We have had a weekly drop in group here at UGC for over a year and it continues to be a source of real inspiration and growth. We are coming to the end of the third section and when we complete the book we will start from the beginning again.
In case you are intrigued by the book it is possible to buy just the first section, The Way of The Heart. It is a smaller and more maneagble book especially if you want to take it with you when travelling.  I highly recommend taking the plunge and reading this book. The words feel genuinely inspired and have a very healing spirit to them. 
Rev Jerry





July 7

When I was at the Unity convention in Detroit Barbara Marx Hubbard was one of the keynote speakers. In her 80's she is still an exuberant and inspiring speaker, a cheerleader you might say for the human race. One of her main points is that we live in a time of conscious evolution and we are the new humans who are choosing to consciously evolve.
In keeping step with the times we live in she has linked the resetting of the Mayan Calendar on December 22nd (which just happens to be her birthday) with a new era of all of humanity choosing to consciously evolve. She sees December 22nd, 2012 as a new birth day for humanity. She has founded a new movement Birth2012 and is encouraging all of us to join with her in creating an intention that a new age of enlightened consciousness will begin for humanity on that date. Several Unity churches have signed up to start Birth2012 groups. If you want to know more you can go to Barbara's website barbaramarxhubbard.com or go to The Shift website. If you are interested in forming a group here at UGC please come talk with me.
Rev. Jerry




June 26
Time is sure flying it seems. To celebrate the Solstice we had a wonderful Interfaith event at Pioneer Park on June 20th. It was so nice to share each other's traditions and to feel that sense of oneness with our brothers and sisters of different faiths that we all desire.It was particularly gratifiying for me to see something that I started over 3 years ago come to fruition in such a nice way. "Thoughts held in mind do manifest in reality."

I'm still processing the great Unity Convention that we had in Detroit. It's theme was "Pulled By A Vision" and it certainly was a testimony to Rev Jim Lee who held the vision for the convention being held in Detroit despite lots of naysayers. We continue to hold a vision for a permanent home for UGC here in Nevada County. Sometimes it can seem like a far away dream that looks impossible, but keeping our eyes firmly on Source it becomes possible and probable. Sometimes the obstacle that we face is wanting certainty or a guaranteed outcome. But in reality there are no 100% guaranteed outcomes in this life because there is always risk. It is risk that requires faith. And so we walk by faith in the assurance of things hoped for. It is important that we hold the same vision as a community so I encourage us to do just that right now as our Board looks to secure our spiritual home. - Rev Jerry


June 6th, 2012. Today, is the 25th anniversary of my ordination as a Roman Catholic priest and my 2nd anniversary of ordination as a Unity Minister. The former seems incredible to me that it has been that long and yet at the same time it seems like it was another lifetime. This weekend I head off to The Unity People's Convention in Detroit. Among the headliners are Barbara Max Hubbard and Jean Houston. I am really looking forward to hearing what these two incredible women and visionaries have to say to us. I'm also looking forward to meeting up with my classmates from the Field Licensing and to share in all the latest music and ideas from the Unity family worldwide. Every other year the convention is held in Kansas City and in between it goes to a different city around the country. I highly recommend that people plan on going to a convention especially at Unity Village, if you have never been there. It is a very special and place and worth making the effort to visit there. I'm also looking forward to sharing the expereince with you when I get back. Until then Namaste. - Rev Jerry


May 24th, 2012
Well here we are again another Memorial Weekend and its almost summer. When I think of weekends like this I'm always conscious of the Law of Mind Action which says that "thoughts held in mind produce after their kind." So what is it we are remembering, and what is it we are filling our minds and hearts with? Memories of war and destruction, of horror and carnage? It is a challenging thing to remember in such a way that we don't contaminate our consciousness with unintended results.
One of the things that we can do as we remember those who fought in wars is that no one has ever died. That can be a startling thing to read or hear initially. Yet, if we are true to our beliefs we know that it is true. Despite all those who gave their lives in wars none of them has died. They continue on as the whole and perfect spirtual beings that they always have been. I know I need to remember that in order not to be overcome with the heaviness of remembering all those who left their bodies in the endless round of war and destruction.
                                                 Rev Jerry.

 April 26th, 2012
Our speaker on Sunday April 22nd was Robin Milam and she gave a very inspiring talk about the need to help our planet and to restore its balance. One of the fascinating things that she told us about was the initiative to give the earth legal rights. As it now stand the earth has no legal rights except in Ecuador where it has been enshrinced in their constitution. Robin has started a petition to try to get a million signatures to take with her to Earth Convention to be held in Rio in June. If you would like to know more please visit one of the following sites and if you feel so moved you can sign the petition.





Rev Jerry



April 11th, 2012

{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}We had a very interesting discussion group on March 28th based on Neal Donald Walsch’s 7 questions that he believes need to be part of a global conversation. We managed to get through only two of the questions that night and will be meeting once more on Wednesday April 25th. The first question was, “How is it possible for 7 billion people to all claim that they want the same things and yet be unable to produce the very things they want?” Some of the things that we supposedly all want are love, peace and happiness. I think we rightly concluded that there is not a common definition of these things for everyone to agree on. Happiness for one person may be misery for another. We all have our own stories and we don't agree necessarily on how to get what we believe the world wants. It is often the "how to" that separates people and prevents progress from being made. Also, another obstacle is that most people aren't looking inside for the answer to how peace or happiness might be achieved, rather they are following someone else's ideas, or expecting someone else to bring those things about. It was said that we are not willing to take the time to find the real answers to these issues from within our own hearts. All 7 bullion of us need to take responsibility for bringing these things about or it won't happen.

The second question was a real teaser, “Is it possible that there’s something we don’t understand about God?” The simple answer to this of course was a resounding yes!  We talked about only being able to know God from within and from our own experience. The totality of God is too big to be comprehended by any one of us. We can however experience the qualities of God, e.g. love. We focused on the idea that God is a creative or creating power who is always expanding, and the expansion takes place through us. In that sense we are cocreators with God. God is always in the process of becoming and changing so a concrete defintion is not readily possible. Any definition is already out of date.

The next question is "Is it possible you don't understand who you are?" Followed by "Who am I?". "Where am I in the physical realm?" "Why am I where I am?" "What do I intend do do about that?"

If you are interested in joining us for the remaining questions then please come and be part of the group on April 25th at 7pm.

April 3, 2012  Crucifixion and Resurrection.


Emmett Fox calls this week the week that changed the world. For many in Unity the Crucifixion is something that makes them very uncomfortable. How does it fit into the usually very positive message that Unity shares? I believe that that question can be answered by the message that is shared in Shanti Christo's The Way of Mastery book that several of us are reading and sharing on Monday evenings. It also is shared in the current men's group book "The Untethered Soul" but from a different perspective. As I read the Way of Mastery I see more clearly what it means to be the Christ. A Christ is one who is so connected to Source that there is always an energy of love flowing outward from the heart space. Energy only goes in one direction and that is outward. The Christ sees everything in its experience and never reacts in a negative way and so there is never anything to forgive. Because the Christ never took offence in the first place.

In the "Untethered Soul" the author talks about always having an open heart and never shutting our heart in response to anything we experience. It is the same idea put a little differently. This idea is exemplified for us in Holy Week in Jesus when he stands before Pilate and is silent, making no effort to defend himself. His heart is still open totally to whatever he is going to experience and he is totally confident of his connection to Source. He isn't taking any offense and he doesn't see anything to forgive because "they know not what they do." He is even willing to be crucified, not because God demands it of him, but because he is willing to show that love overcomes death, and it needn't be feared.

He is vincidated of course in his Resurrection which is a testament to the power of love and of his connection to source. All things are possible when we stand in that place of silence just focusing on our connection to the Divine Presence within us. It makes for a happy Easter experience in any moment we choose.

Blessing – Rev Jerry