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Volunteers:  Love and Faith In Action


Unity family, in July we honor Terry Buck as our Volunteer of the Month! Terry Buck has contributed more to this community than I think he knows. He is a man with a very big heart and embodies quiet humility! We were blessed as a community when Terry and his wife, Heather, joined Unity of the Gold County in 2005. Terry had been attending a church in another area with somewhat similar teaching for about 10 years. Then, in 2000, a friend suggested that his family explore Unity philosophy and so they began attending a Unity church in the Tri Valley area near Dublin. They were members there until the family relocated to Nevada County. Being familiar with Unity consciousness and philosophy they found Unity of the Gold Country! In 2005, the family began attending UGC and quickly found this community to be the spiritual center to call home. Within two years the family were official members.

Terry states that the philosophy that he can create his own life experience through his own thoughts and general attitude is a focus for his spiritual choice. He has made many deep friendships with other Unity members. His friendships have made him feel accepted and loved unconditionally.

Over the years, Terry has given of himself to this community in many capacities. He was a Board of Trustees member for 6 years, serving as the Treasurer for 2 years. He enjoyed serving in this position and developed deep bonds with other board members. He organized and ran the "Silent Auction" fundraising event for 2 years. He has served as a member of the power-point team and helped develop our website. Terry was our YOU adult leader for 5 years! "YOU" is Unity's program for teens/young adults. Terry comments that working with these young adults was refreshing and he appreciated their honesty. Terry's gentle and accepting nature allowed these youth to be open and be unafraid to express themselves to him. He explained to them and guided them to understand that as individuals we can be wounded, but we are not broken. Wounds can be healed through LOVE!

Terry states that "Unity has opened my eyes to a brighter world." Embracing Unity philosophy and this community have taught him that that his life experiences are a reflection of his own inner peace or turmoil. He knows he can make the choice to be happy and content and is not dependent on the energy of others. He feels whole and complete. 
We love you Terry, thank you for your contributions to UGC!






Getting Involved

Volunteering is a great way to get to know your fellow members of the congregation as well as support your Unity community. Here are some ways to show your support. Click on the Job Title below for a full job description.

Building Monitor

Computer Technology Manager

Family Services Director

Youth Ministry Teacher

Youth Ministry Teacher's Assistant

Youth Ministry Craft Buyer and Event Helper

Altar Designer


Social Hour Hospitality Host

Healthy Sunday Coordinator

Habitat For Humanity Lunch Coordinator

Front Office Support

Helping Hands


Platform Assistant

Facility Grounds Keeper

Lighting Person

PowerPoint Person

Sound Board Person

Sunshine Team

Special Events Volunteer

Facility Safety Team


Bookstore Management Team

Facility Maintenance and Minor Repair Team

Recycling Person

Snow Management Team

Sunday Usher