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Welcome to Unity in the Gold Country's Youth and Family Ministry.

We have two main goals for our youth ministry program. First, we want every child to know that s/he is a much-loved child of God. Second, through stories, games, crafts, discussions and activities, we are teaching both about Unity's Five Principles and about how to apply those principles to our lives.

Our vision is to equip children with spiritual principles that will last them for a lifetime so that they can reach their full potential and live in love in every way.

We also seek to minister to families through parenting classes, workshops, and social events.

The Youth and Family Ministry is grateful for all the volunteers who make our program successful. More volunteers are always welcome.

Please contact me if you'd like to volunteer or have questions.
Heather Buck

Coming Soon


Preschool Class  Ages 3 - 5

Special Stories, Crafts, and Activities

with "Co-Co the Bear" Puppet.

Upcoming Events

How To Teach Kids To Pray2018 Kid's Camp!!

We all know that prayer can be powerful, and comforting as well.
But do our children know how to pray sincerely and effectively?
Come learn to help your child commune with a Higher Power.
Rev. Yvonne Read will lead us through the art of spiritual communication and give us some tools for introducing this gift to our youth.
This popular class is appropriate for all ages and can be extremely enlightening for young people.

Offered at Unity in the Gold Country.
Coming in 2018.
Love offerings welcomed.

Kid's Camp Is Terrific!! 


Unity in the Gold Country Youth Summer Camp 

 International Spy School


{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}Art, science, music, games etc. with a "spy" focus-becoming careful searchers, questioners,  observers, recorders...using disguises and clues to find things out. 

Date to be set,

9 am-12 noon.

           For more information please contact  Heather Buck at
(530) 798-1170

This Spring in Youth Ministries

Teen (YOU) Special EventFun and Entertainment For Our Kids

The Unity in the Gold Country YOU Teens

Are Hosting A......

Fun in the Sun - End of Summer Party

Weekend of September 12th & 13th

All YOU and Sponsors from California Chapters are welcome!! 
Saturday fun at the Lake: 12 noon - 5pm 
BBQ and sleepover to follow

No fee required to attend.

This month
the song being taught in our classrooms is:



Mark Stanton Welch
Click Here To Hear Sunshine


June Lesson Topics For Ages 5 - 10Special Event for Kids

June is the Power of Imagination

 We'll spend 4 weeks on Dr Wayne Dyer's book,

 "It's Not What You've Got." 

 We'll celebrate and learn the lessons with

 other stories, art, music, and drama.

1.) The good things in my life never run out.

2.) Every job I do is important.

3.) All the best things about me came from within.

4.) I will create the life that I want.


Coming Soon!!!  

After-Service Sunday Afternoon BBQ and      Ice Cream Social!

Elementary Age Spiritual Focus

In July and August Our Children Will Be Learning About 3 - Part Prayers. 

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