New Guidelines for Service Starting this Sunday

Please wear a mask.

To protect our members who cannot be vaccinated, and even those vaccinated who have ongoing medical issues, we are asking that everyone who attends service wear a mask starting this Sunday.

For those who cannot or who choose not to wear a mask, we ask you to join us on Zoom instead. I am sure you understand our reluctance to have to do this but also the necessity.

As Trustees we have been entrusted with the health, safety and security of our beloved congregants. We were particularly concerned with the high increase of local cases this week, with numbers jumping significantly. As a result we feel that a change in policy is needed. Additionally the CDC recommended that vaccinated people wear masks in areas where there are high incidences of new infections.

Everyone’s well being is our primary concern and directs all our decision making. We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers and the common good guides us into All Good.

On behalf of the BOT, Rev Jerry