What brings you joy?

2020 has brought many changes and challenges to our world.  But inspite of the changes, we are resilient people, people who can see beyond appearances, people who temper thought with the stillness of the heartspace.  What brings you joy? What do you do to nurture your joys? So us in words, with pictures, videos, drawings/paintings. Send them to Marlene or Lezlie and we will post them here.


Mary Lynn:

When I make my chaplain calls to the Unity folks on my list, I feel like I get more joy out of these calls than the people I call.
It’s like experiencing a “Holy Instant” as in "A Course In Miracles” where there’s a higher purpose joining each together as one.
Even leaving a message on their answering machine is an opportunity to make the listener smile when they hear it. It’s a gift
that blesses each one with joy.

Yvonne B.

Just started a stream of consciousness and wanted to move from abstract to concrete; I decided I could go on, but just writing all this brings me joy.  

Going at nighttime with my younger son to Kidd Lake to set crawdad traps

Sitting on my front porch choosing a star to shine upon my family

Opening my arms and smiling to unexpected opportunities & adventures

Stopping by Unity Spiritual Center just to say hi

Reading historical novels about ancient Egypt

Making my 5 loaf cakes, putting in frig and giving to workers & friends

Painting on a blank canvas

Cutting art into postcards, writing VOTE with black felt pen, putting in the mail before election

Selling my HUMANKIND-BE BOTH shirts and seeing pleasure of recipients

Having my 16 year old granddaughter here for a few days

Updating my Xmas card address list after 20 years

Doing laundry and hanging outside

Meeting in Penny’s parking lot with 4 friends for coffee & donuts with masks, folding chairs & distance



Only one thing uplifts me anymore.  KLOVE radio station.



What brings me joy....

1.. Sitting on the couch with Drew, with his arm around me, watching a movie and talking..

2. Taking loving care of our six pets. 

3. Our daily walks with our three dogs.

4. Saying hi to our neighbors that we see on our walks.

5. Eating good, healthy food.

6. Working on my jigsaw puzzle.

7. Painting and doing my art.

8. Reading brings me great joy.

9. My naps.

10. Facebook messaging my granddaughter, and doing silly things with her.

11. My whole family brings me joy.



What brings me joy in no particular order

Being out in nature or a beautiful environment-interior design
Beautiful architecture 
Traveling to new places
Spending time and hugs with my grandsons and son
Cuddling with a special someone
Painting in my studio
Listening to music I love
Helping a friend 
Listening and sharing with a friend
Some of the items on this list I have not been able to experience in the last year
One of them I haven’t experienced in decades unfortunately 
The fact that I do have joy in my life is an undertaking of sheer commitment and focus on cultivating an inner life of peace, love and commitment to my personal growth. With much gratitude to our spiritual community at Unity, guidance from Rev Jerry and a few friends I am able to continue on this path. 


Kristie S.:
John Muir's quote below perfectly summarizes one of the things that brings me joy, especially apparent after recently hiking the Grandfather Mtn trail, though in truth life itself in all its variations brings me joy.
"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." J. Muir
Hoping everyone can make time to enjoy the lightness, beauty and healing capacity of nature.
Some of the activities that bring me joy include getting together with good friends, walking in a beautiful location,
reading a good book, spending time in Puerto Vallarta and other warm, beautiful places, and visiting with family and friends in Colorado.
I think joy, like every other emotion, is pretty much a frame of mind and a choice. My father would say, "Most people are just
about a happy as they decide to be." I think he was right!


Each breath of gratitude is like a drop of rain splashing in a puddle that finds its way to a little streamlet, that feeds into a stream, that winds it's way to a flowing creek, that courses its way to a river. The river grows, filling with gratitude nourished by many streams and creeks. One day it empties into the great sea of awareness, and it realizes, it has become Itself, the I AM.
So, knowing that I am loved and can love others from a distance has been a blessing during this time of physical distancing. I have to add that having means to communicate and connect is definitely a blessing. I am so proud of how Rev. Jerry and Lezlie have taken the opportunity to grow into becoming more and more proficient at the whole electronic way of connecting to keep everyone connected through email and zoom meetings! It's not the same, but truly an evolutionary way for all to embrace!
I am so grateful for this beautiful bit of land that I get to live and work on every day! 
I am grateful for:
The bees so busy in my lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus.
My home
My pets and all animals
This pause that is bringing us back into quiet awareness
This pause that is healing, at least minimally, nature/our planet
This pause
I’m so grateful for:
1.  Being able to live in this area where we are close to a couple of wonderful small towns with lots of cultural activities, yet still close to forests, rivers, open fields and mountains, and not too far away from the ocean and interesting cities.
2.  Being involved in a caring spiritual community where members are loving, kind, non-judgmental and open to learning how to be better people.
3.  My husband who is so loving, supportive, kind, patient, and who loves getting out in nature.
4.  My own body for being healthy and strong.
5.  Friends and family who I can share my life with.
6.  My dog who is so loving, energetic and entertaining.  She adds such warmth and brightness to every day.
7.  Living in an area that has seasonal changes, but generally has a mild climate.
8.  My garden which is so lovely but not too big.
I am grateful for:
  1.  A working sewing machine
  2.  Food
  3.  Material
  4.  Leita
  5.  Sunshine
  6.  Angelina
  7.  Rain made the flowers grow
Opening my arms to new opportunities and ventures with love, faith, and peace in my heart;
Awareness and trust in the process of living each moment in time;
Reaching out for spiritual connection and receiving the Unity Community into my life;
Reading books, like Mary Magdalene that puts in perspective and equality the “God” & “Goddess” in all of us, male and female;
Appreciating my health, family and friends for the foundation they built for me and so love them for this.

I am grateful that as a human being I have access to a wisdom, far greater than the knowledge discernable by my mind alone.

I am grateful that Jesus came to this earth to teach us how to live. “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. .Mark 11:24

I am grateful for the spiritual teachers in my life, especially my mother, grandmother, Rev. Searles, Rev. Joe, Rev. Jerry and Julie.

I am grateful for my dear and loving family and concerned and caring friends.

I am grateful for the knowledge that God is the one Presence and the one Power active in the universe and as my life.

I am grateful for the good that is to come.


Grateful for my life as it is.

For my spiritual community.

For the gifts that I have to be of service at this time. 

For all of my life experiences that have brought me wisdom the ability to respond.

For the amazing way Spirit has guided every twist and turn.


I am thankful for health, nature, family, friends, life!

I am grateful for my life with Joe in this beautiful world.

I am grateful for my family and my Unity family.

I am grateful for peace and ease and good health.


I am grateful for:

My wife Patricia

My entire family

My community 

My country

My world 

The Kosmos

My health 

The Christ within


My relationship and

Union with everything 

that exists!

(I could go on)


I am grateful for Dennis Cassella. I am grateful that he has been such a positive mentor in my life. Dennis has encouraged me consistently to keep taking prerequisite science classes, & apply to RN  nursing programs.  I am grateful that he likes to meet with me monthly, for years taking me our to lunch.  He really listens & cares about me, my cat, & my relationship with Charlie. He supports my emotional state as I express challenges & difficulties of life, and with my biological family. He is like the big brother or parent that I always wish I had! I will be ever indebted & grateful for Dennis! He was the most supportive yoga practitioner coming to almost all of the yoga classes I taught for over three years in the public parks & at Unity. I am grateful for all the wisdom in the stories that Dennis shared about his family & his life. I will always be grateful for the mentor role Dennis plays in my life!  I wish him continued love from all who are in his life. I wish him happiness & health.


Today and at this particular moment in time I am grateful for:

my reading glasses

for paper and pens 

I am grateful for All the pioneers who have struggled and fought for psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

 I am grateful for the Sun and for coffee. And for all of the hard work people are doing like yourself to keep the consciousness focused on love and faith

Here are five things I am grateful for:

My health

My cats - they are so entertaining and loving, and since I am staying

home most of the time and live alone, they are the only companions I

have on a daily basis. Petting them, playing with them and cuddling

with them help make up for the lack of human contact and human touch.

Technology - Phones and computers give me a way of keeping in touch

with friends and relatives, both locally and far away, that I can't

see face to face at this time.

My home - having a roof over my head. My home is my sanctuary.

Nature - I take walks every day to avoid cabin fever. I love the

spring weather and the cool air. Also, because it is spring, my

neighborhood is filled with all kinds blossoming trees, flowers,

shrubs, etc., and lots of birds. Sometimes I visit with my neighbors

when I am outside. We are all in the same boat, desiring company, but

we are careful to stay six feet apart and no hugs.


I am so blessed to be part of Unity in the Gold Country’s active, loving community.

I am so grateful for all the big and small miracles that are taking place in the world right now with Covid-19.

I am so delighted to experience and share stories about the blessings taking place by staying home.

I am so grateful to know that fear has only the power that I give to it. 

I am grateful to see and hear of so many random acts of kindness at this challenging time.


 what I am grateful for...

Unity church service on Zoom, my beautiful family, FaceTime with my family, Anything , or anybody that makes me laugh,My animal family, Wonderful food, My soft cozy bed, and that I am sleeping so well, Being able to walk everyday with family and dogs, COL group on Zoom, Books!  


Staying connected while far apart

Bright yellow dandelions set in a sea of green, green grass

The quiet that allows me to hear the earth breath


Having the opportunity to be part of the creation of a new normal


I am grateful to feel healthier than I probably ever have and to be able to do all the things I love again without feeling limited!

I am so grateful to be able to breathe with ease!

I am grateful to be almost medication free after a lifetime of being medicated.

I am grateful for my loving family.

I am grateful for how amazingly grounded, kind and confident my teens are and for how much fun we have together.

I am grateful for ducklings and the joy they bring.

I am grateful to be able to do all the things I love again on the farm after many years of feeling debilitated.

I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine.

I am grateful for Spring.

I am grateful for the ability to go on long hikes again.

I am grateful to feel so loved by my friends at Unity!

I am grateful for rev.Jerry. 
Having the time to just sit and commune with Spirit
Having the time to clean out closets, drawers, and files that have needed it for a long time.
Being able to just sit and stare out the window with no time restraints
Being able to call friends and just talk without either of us having to be anywhere
Being able to take a slow walk down the road concentrating on each step, connecting with planet Earth
I am so blessed to be alive at this moment in time. I have been waiting all my life.
I am grateful for the pause that is causing me to remember who I truly choose to be!
I am grateful for my own small dance that weaves so brilliantly in and out of others dances.
I am grateful for this bit of our planet that I have the opportunity to care for in this moment of space and time.
I am grateful for this rainbow of humanity around me to remind me how empowering my choices are..
I am grateful to you for helping me remember just how blessed this life is Marlene!
I am grateful for 
the green trees
Hummingbirds and hawks
Great horned owls' night conversations
The turkey that is now on my railing, just looking at me
My washing machine
Love's blessing in, on and between all. 
1-having work that allows me to be of service during the 2020 pandemic
2-our adult children are staying at home and have good friends around them
3-snow in the Sierras
4-self-reflection and growth
5-really and deeply feeling these feelings for myself, ourselves, and our world community
I'm VERY grateful for my family, my partner and wonderful friends. 
I'm VERY grateful for good health.
I'm grateful to be a part of several wonderful, supportive, loving communities.
I'm grateful for our home and community.
I'm grateful to be able to connect "in person" to our Unity community, my Women's Group,
Meditation Groups, and others thanks to Zoom.
I am grateful to learn being more than doing.
I am grateful for the green leaves of the trees appearing.
I am grateful for the technology to participate in classes.
I am grateful to have had my Aunt Joan in my life all these years.  She passed away this last Friday, April 3, 2020.
I am grateful to be living with Yvonne Read who is my roommate/landlord/friend.
I am grateful to be living with Yvonne's dog & cat, Bella & Lily.
I am grateful for the friends I have in my life.
I am grateful for my Social Security income.
I am grateful to be living in this community of Nevada City/Grass Valley/Nevada County.  I love being in the mountains.
I am grateful for having a car that runs well and seems to require little maintenance.
I am grateful for the access I have to spiritual teachings in the many forms that they are available in.
I am grateful for being an American in a country that believes in God ("In God We Trust") and where we have religious freedom.
The continued good health of my family and friends.
My home.
My retiree income.
Spring birds.
Places to walk and ride my bike.
My Enneagram Type 7 son, Justin,  who takes me on all kinds of fun outdoor adventures and makes me feel like a kid again.
The smell of the fresh crisp mountain air after an April shower.
The beauty of the Rocky River Valley along one of the trails in Bridgeport State park.
The way my two year old granddaughter, Destiny, yells Gampa when she sees me walking up to her house.
Good movies.
80s music
My new ebike
Picture near Bridgeport bridge.
I am grateful for
- the beauty and diversity of the natural world and all living things;
- the vibration of harmony and love embodied as Earth;
- the creative power of renewal within all of creation;
- the light in the eyes of young and older people who can envision a kinder, more just and sustainable civilization on earth;
- the front-line workers around the world caring for and serving others, maintaining our production, distribution and communication systems, providing food, fiber and other resources;
- families and friends around the world, supporting and nurturing one another, creating loving bonds that are the vital foundation stones of strong and resilient communities and of each of our lives;
- the ever-present Light, Love, Wisdom and Grace of God flowing abundantly through our lives;
- truly, everything that arises, no matter how difficult it may appear to be, knowing all is sent from our highest selves for our highest purpose and evolution as purity, innocence and love.
I am grateful for a God who lives within me
I am grateful for family and friends who care about me
I am grateful for my health that lets me walk and run
I am grateful for a home and food
I am grateful for a church with loving members.
I am grateful that we are safe, healthy, and alive.
I am grateful for all the men and women serving us in different capacities at their jobs during this pandemic.
I am grateful for the caring and love of family, friends, and neighbors.
I am grateful for the beauty of Spring around us.
I am grateful that I am so blessed.
I am grateful to be enfolded in God's love.
I am grateful for walks in the sunshine.
I am grateful that God is in charge.
I am grateful for divine order.
I am grateful for Reverend Jerry and his presence and guidance in my life. 
I am grateful for my neighbors who check on me and in turn call me when they need something. Love coming and going. 
I am grateful  for my animals I live with who fill my life with unconditional love and trust. 
I’m grateful for my home that keeps me so comfortable during this time now.  
I’m grateful for my friends 
I’m grateful for my health
I’m grateful for Unity church
I’m grateful for the beauty of nature
I’m grateful for the Divine and the wisdom it provides.
I’m grateful for my puppy and the companionship she brings me.
I’m grateful for my growth in Gods presence 
I am grateful to be alive today, to see the sun's rays sparkling in the dew, to hear children's giggling, bubblying-forth laughter.
I am grateful that I live in a loving, supportive community.
I am grateful that I can see the treetops gently bending in the breeze, smell spring's new blossoms, see the dogwood open it's petals to life, hear the bumble bee searching for that sweet nectar.
Today I am grateful to all the people who are loving and kind to me...
Today I am grateful to all the people who allow me to be loving and kind to them.