Job Description Youth Ministries Teacher's Assistant


VOLUNTEER POSITION DESCRIPTION –  Youth Ministry Teacher Assistant


POSITION:    Youth Ministry Teacher Assistant


PURPOSE:   To teach all children that God loves them. To help teach in the classroom (ages 0-5) or (6-8) or (9-12) or (teens)


SCHEDULE:    One or two Sundays a month. The schedule will be regular (e.g. teaching Unikids the 1st Sunday of every month).


REPORTS TO:  Family Services Director




1.       On teaching Sundays, arrive half an hour (or more) BEFORE church starts to help teacher set up and to pray with teachers from 10:10-10:15. Be in room by 10:16 to welcome children.


2.       Welcome children with love and enthusiasm, and help with crafts, bathroom breaks, and clean-up as teacher leads lessons and activities.


3.       At the end of church, help connect younger children( under nine) WITH parents, thank parents for bringing children and visit briefly with parents if they’d like to talk, and help clean up the room (wipe counters, put away materials, straighten up).



SPECIAL SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  Must like children, should enjoy stories, crafts, games and discussions.  Assistant Teachers generally can just walk in and help, though they are scheduled on particular days.  They do not have to attend the monthly meetings but are welcome to do so.  The lead teacher knows what the lesson is and tells the assistant what help is needed. Often the assistant teacher is observing, ready to help as needed.


COMMENTS:   none


COMPLETED BY:  Patricia Haller                                                  DATE:   11/18/21