Matt Kahn Total Integration Call 18th March.20

Calming our nervous systems…moving our way through this uncertainty.

A process to help you realign you with your true, divine self.

Your Mind… How do we transform the mind from the ego’s mind into the mind of your divine self. Ask yourself this question, which doesn’t come with an answer, it comes with a feeling.

Q: What if this mind is really the mind of my divine self? Just feel what happens when you ask this question. Having nothing to do with the ego whatsoever.

Q: If this mind is the mind of the divine self, show me instantaneously, how differently it functions when I accept this truth.

Say out loud…What if the notion that my mind belongs to my ego is just a thought I’m having? What if ego is just a thought had in mind. A mind belonging to the divine self, I AM. And, since the divine self is the eternal chooser, I choose not to think about ego anymore. I declare this mind belongs to the divine self. And as of this moment, only the divine self uses it as an instrument of expansion.

Q: What if this body is the body of the divine self, having nothing to do with ego in any way. What if this body only functions so miraculously because of the divine self within in it? And what if the notion that I have to clear an ego out of this body is but a thought, the divine self I AM is having while in body.

I declare that this body only houses the divine self I AM. Only the function has the magnificence of the divinity I Am now.

Q: What if the world in view is a manifestation of the divine self, I AM in expanded form? What if I’m witnessing a world that has been unaware of the divine self that it is, running for cover, uncertain where to go, unsure how to make ends meet, when what’s really happening is the Awakening, like an inner earthquake of revelation, an awakening of the divine self that I AM, in all Beings.

I am the divine self that I AM, not a character running for cover. All characters running for cover are unaware of the divine self still awakening in them. The more I accept the divine self I am, the faster and more swiftly this awakens in all Beings. I declare that this world only be the domain of the divine self. Only the divine self dwells in the world that is shaped and molded out of its divine, holy light.

What if the past but a movie the divine self I AM is watching? What if the present is but a movie the divine self I AM is watching? What if the future is but a movie the divine self I AM is watching?

Instead of trying to figure out how to move from one to the other, what if I could just stop, right now, and accept that the divine I AM is so miraculous, it’s doing everything through me, by me and for me, and even though it feels like I am the one doing it, I’m simply here to allow the awareness of what actually is doing it all and it is actually the divine self I AM, which is not inherently a person. The divind self I AM is just a costume the divine self wears to experience itself uniquely in a world of infinite reflection.

And because the divine self is not personal, the personal is a created realm for the divine to inhabit, no single person in which the divine I AM embodies has anything to figure out, track, manage or control. These are simply dreams we wake up from.

You are the divine self I AM and I AM the divine self you are. The entire planet is being given a directive and all of us are going to take it as deeply as we’re able to. We’re the ones who are going to take it the deepest, because we are the first wave of ascension. We are the ones that go from being spiritual oddities to newly crowned elders of this planet, the way-showers, and we’re the ones that demonstrate to the world how to do this the deepest.

The manifestation of the CV has allowed us all this space to go inward because Mother Earth needs us to hold space for Her awakening (!)…

This is where we say: In honor of the Mother Earth that has always supported me, I allow the normalcy of my life to be disrupted to hold space for Mother Earth.

All of us were born to hold this space, every spiritual practice we have ever done has been a dress rehearsal, a sneak preview and this is the real thing. And it begins by you allowing your nervous system to exist in what is known as Zero Point. Zero Point means awakened consciousness and the easiest way to know an awakened consciousness is your ego may interpret it as being empty, and that can come with judgments of isolation and loneliness, but really in the emptiness you can use the word ‘even’. Notice how even your feelings are, there’s not a lot of ups and downs. If you do experience ups and downs it’s just what you are clearing on behalf of yourself and the world. And that is helping Mother Earth to awaken and to ascend as she lightens the load through all that we are transmuting for Her.

How do we exist in the aligned, spiritual state? By getting to know ourselves all over again, not as the characters who were born into the families that you have spent most of the childhood and adolescence with, but getting to know yourself all over again as the divine self I AM.

The divine self is the noticer of thoughts, not the one who makes thoughts about them. The divine self is the awareness of emotion not the one who blames their emotions on themselves or others from their past, or even their present.

The divine self is the discernment of conscious action able to see and feel which option is most aligned with your highest consciousness with no awareness of what will be gained or lost, that’s the egos domain. The egos domain is but an overlay of thoughts, projected upon your experiences to give you a dream within a dream within a dream. But we don’t need to dream so small any more, because the reality in you, the divine I AM, the divine self I AM that you are, is waking up and this world is shaking with intensity. Because there are so many on this planet that had no idea the Kingdom of Heaven was secretly dwelling within the costume of this world and the Kingdom is waking up. And that Kingdom whether experienced individually or collectively is the divine self, I AM, that you are.

The divine self is the witness of circumstance not the one who defines themselves or their self worth by circumstance. The divine self is the witness of every beginning or birth and the exact witness of any conclusion or death, knowing that death only leads to a greater rebirth and that rebirth is only preparing for deeper dive into death, which is only the stage into an even greater rebirth. And so the rhythm of beginnings and endings simply witnessed by the intangible, untouchable, unfathomable miracle that is the divine self that I AM, that you are. Feel how even you feel.

This is a state when your nervous system is in a state of Ease. And when you are in a state of Ease you are confirming that the vibration of ease, also known as Peace, is what is moving from the Heavens through your open heart and into this planet. The more you spend time getting to know yourself as the divine I AM, that you are, the more each chakra opens, the more each cell opens to express the light that has been recognized and accepted within and when all your cells and chakras are open its not just the light from this planet pouring into an open heart, it is pouring through every space of your Being so that you are a living, open doorway into Heavenly light, pouring light into this planet to fast track everyone into the remembrance of their truth self of the divine I AM that you are.

And when we live in a world when we have to spend time at home because of curfews, it is a time to go within and rediscover who we really are. And when all of this comes to a head and we can come out of our houses, we are all going to be more aligned in our divine self, I AM essence and we will reintroduce ourselves to each other, but first we reconnect with ourselves. Just feel.

Nothing that is happening in this world can touch or faze you, and yes, the human body susceptible to things like viruses absolutely, but when you abide as the divine self, I AM, that you are, the body can be affected if that’s the particular storyline that the body is meant to play out, and yet the witness within the body cannot be touched. People often think ‘If I’m truly infinite divinity, then nothing will touch my body’, the reality is, the body is your costume and anything within the atmosphere can touch the body throughout the atmosphere but nothing that touches the costume and truly touch or permanently wound or affect the one wearing the costume. We need to reconnect as the source of light, the source of truth, the source of Oneness, the source of well-being.

Everyone has the opportunity to remember who they are but it is you, You are the divine I AM, the divine self I AM, that you are. You.

Repeat After Me:

I accept, that no matter what I think or feel, no matter my circumstances or my past, I am the divine self, I AM, nothing less. And there couldn’t be anything more. The divine self, I AM, is unwavering, ever present, within and beyond opposites, prior to time, in time, and beyond time all at once. And in serving my role, holding space as an anchor of light for Mother Earth’s ascension, to honor and support the Mother Earth that always supports me, I allow all beliefs, identifications and attachments to ego and all psychic and subconscious overlays of thoughts about ego including all patterns of fear, scarcity, incongruence, imperfection, darkness, shadow, self destructive behaviour, sabotage, all psychic attacks, curses, spells and hexes, all viruses, bacteria, infection and fungus, all candida overgrowth, all imbalances in the mind, body, heart, soul and energy field, and all cellular memories of unconsciousness, victimhood, persecution, neglect and abuse, including all addictions, enmeshment and co-dependency, all beliefs in separation, all memories of starvation, torture, rape and murder, injustice, and unconsciousness, and all dream states and lower vibrational timelines, all demons, and entities, are all cleared out of my energy field, once and for all, returned to the source of its origin, transmuted completely and healed to completion, Now.

And in serving my purpose as an anchor for Mother Earth, I allow all that Mother Earth is purging and needs to purge, throughout all human beings, throughout all dimensions, time and space, are cleared out of all energy fields, once and for all, returned to the source of its origin, transmuted completely and healed to completion, Now.

And with all things cleared within and throughout, simply being distractions that were there to entice and mesmerize me until I was ready to remember the divine self, I AM, that you are.

And in knowing it is so, I command, the divine self, I AM, to awaken throughout my mind, my body, my heart, my soul, I command the divine, I AM, to awaken, activate and open up my crown chakra, my 3rd eye chakra, my throat chakra, my heart chakra, my solar plexus chakra, my sacral chakra, my root chakra, including the alpha and omega chakras in the palms of my hands and at the bottoms of my feet, as well as activating and awakening my pineal gland and my pituitary gland, awakening the divine self, I AM throughout my physical, mental and emotional body, my causal body, my astral body, my etheric body, my light body, even the rainbow light body, and the cosmic body that is the light in which all things appear that is the divine self, I AM.

I command all these bodies of consciousness throughout my energy field and my chakras and all aspects of myself on a quantum and inter-dimensional level, to unite as One to synthesize in the harmony of consciousness, to be integrated completely into the fabric of my Being, actualized into the present moment time, and anchored as my new Zero Point field as a fully realized, fully embodied, fully integrated and fully actualized divine self that I AM, Now.

And, from this moment forward may I move with intention and ease, allowing every experience to be cherished, to be savored, because now it is not an ego moving through the world any more, that dream is over, it is the divine self, I AM, getting to know itself through every little experience, nuance, and detail.


Anytime you experience fear go to this mantra:

Thank you humanity for opening your root chakra and awakening to the remembrance of the divine self I AM, that you are now.

With your hand on your heart, speak to your own body with:

Thank you for opening your root chakra and awakening to the remembrance of the divine self I AM.

Repeat several times to root yourself into the divine self.