"Dearest brother

Hear us when we say to you, there is in Truth nothing outside of you.

And yes, when you look out from the boundaried perspective of the body it would seem that there is. And yet all that you see arising out there, is within the field of mind that You are.

And the field of mind out there, that you are, extends way beyond that which you currently see.

You are expansive beyond the limits of your current perception, would you not agree? Do you not sense and know this?

So you see, when you relax your persistent grip upon one specific form of perception, (a body mind in space and time) you may find yourself expanding beyond the confines of a limited body and embracing the field of creativity, called Christ Mind, in which all of Creation is arising Now.

And you may come to witness that whatever you imagined was out there trying to reach into you, was indeed, already within you, interacting with another aspect of itself; yourself.

Why not take a deep breath or three right now and imagine the field of your own energy extending beyond your body. Why not look intently upon an object and hold the thought, this cannot exist outside of the field of mind I am, take time, much breath and repeat the statement. Notice what arises in your awareness. Can you sense the field of your awareness beginning to recognise itself surrounding the object, and the object itself arising within you? We would suggest this is a very potent practice for you right now.

When we look upon the field of Mind that You are, and simultaneously are playing within, as an identified object, and we see the degree of resistance and fear being projected upon an energy, a frequency of Christ Mind, coalesced into the form of a virus, that is imagined to be outside of Self and the harbinger of pain and suffering, we smile gently to ourselves and lovingly point to this fact.

If ALL in Creation is arising within the field of mind that you are, and we assure you it is, how can you be a victim of something outside of yourself? Unless you have specifically chosen and decided to experience just that.

And if you have chosen to experience just that. And we assure you once again, that in the field of Self there is no one else to do the choosing but you. Then does it not follow that you have the power to choose for yourself a new relationship with what is arising? Could it be possible to embrace what is arising as the product of your own heartfelt desire to awaken, and thus witness an awakening World through yourSelf? And if this is True, then can you not trust implicitly the unfolding before you, as an answer to your deepest prayers? Remember now the teachings of Christ and practice dear one, for Your World needs You, as do the Worlds of All beings.

Listen well, the Power resides within you. The power you might imagine resides within the Corona Virus resides within you. It is merely a frequency of energy you have sent unto yourself in order to remember what holds True Value in this World. And to remember that by focussing upon what Truly holds Value for you then that will become the experience within you. And within you is within the expansive field of Mind you would call the World. This is the micro, macro relationship of a Unified Field, which we refer to as Christ Mind.

So the Corona Virus has originated within you, from the field of mind you are, that you share as One being with ALL of humanity, and beyond. This is your Power, it is your power that disrupts the workings of the World, that interrupts the unconscious patterns of human life, that is halting the habitual movements of billions of ego’s. Not you as Israel, Jim, or Bob, Sarah or Tracy. But you as the Light of Creation Itself, you as the expansive field of Love that your creator IS. You as the extension of Grace that flows and has always flowed from the Illumined Centre, from Source Itself. You as the You that we are too.

This is Christ Mind, with you as Christ, playing in the Queendom. Stirring humanities pot, stoking the fires of change, burning in the deepest desire to bring Heaven and Earth together, in One Heart, One Breath and one Rhythm.

This is the fundamental shift of awakening, to no longer perceive self as being the limited body/mind scratching out an existence on a tiny rock in a vast cosmos, seemingly forgotten by God. Rather to embrace the vastness of Self, as the expansive, effervescent, shimmering Mind in which ALL things are arising now. Knowing that the tree, the sky, the body, the car, the computer, the virus cannot exist outside of You, and that all that is present is called unto you by yourself. Victimless, powerful and Wholly Whole. So that whatever arises in the field of awareness you know simply to be yourself.

And that beyond even this knowing is the Creator, Mother/Father God/Goddess, breathing constantly Her Life through you, gifting of Herself the very essence of Her own being, existence Itself, with the power of Love that flares and burns in the ecstatic joy of Creation and Creating. And you have, even Now, in every moment the power and the ability to bask in the immense Majesty of that Light and surrender your Will to Her Mighty wisdom. It is your Choice!

This is a time that calls for greater breath, greater responsibility, greater willingness. To expand beyond your boundaries, extending into Creation and giving your re-claimed Power to the Majesty of Creation Herself, that She might dance, sing and Bless the world of your Mind through you.

If you have prayed for change (as we know you have), then now is the time to be grateful."