“This will prove to be one the most intense challenges our world has ever faced & unify the world in beautiful ways,” my words to my parents in January when this was a no-name virus nearing zero attention.⁣

They’ve become accustomed to my prophetic foreseeing of major events, having told them at 16 in 2007, “in one year’s time we will see something approaching economic depression, pay everything off to prepare.” They listened, & our family’s finances were saved.

I couldn’t explain it, but the moment I heard about this virus I knew it would be huge, & for beautiful reasons.⁣

This enemy has no face, it follows no leader, no ideology, no religion, and counts no one out amongst its “followers” — it is the perfection of Life to dream up a global experience that points to no person to blame, providing humanity an unprecedented ability to UNITE.⁣

Whether fully realized now or not, the seed for true global community is planted. We will watch it grow over the coming months.⁣

Resource restrictions, economic halting, isolationism, extension of funds, cross-border aid, & a united global message. It will appear in art for years to come; no human now on the face of the planet will forget this time.⁣

Think post-9/11 unity, but add in global scale & no one in particular to fight.⁣ An enemy without a face, a he-who-CANNOT-be-named, is a miracle for a Heaven remembering itself in each of our responses to it. Open wider. ❤

Light is being shown on fractured systems, economic disparity, & how OUR health *is* individual health — in all ways.

The patterns & habits of daily life have been interrupted by a virus that seeks & destroys division, disparity, & disassociation.⁣

Only the Light has power: it will morph itself into any form in order to wake humanity up to Itself.⁣

One day, we will unify without a need for something to push against, & in the meantime, thank you COVID-19 for being an angel in disguise to rally a world into reckless open-heartedness at the rate in which this clarifies our humanity & exposes our need, desire, & love for brother & sisterhood.⁣ One. Human. Family. Once Again.

May our immUNITY rise together!